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Letterman’s tongue is in peril


  What happened to the days when words meant nothing and sleeping with someone else’s wife was the only act that would lead to out-bursts of death threats?… Letterman just returned from a 2 week vacation, which will be his first day back to the grind since the death threat that threatened his life and […]


The day after! – Kardashian Humphries wedding deets!

Screen shot 2011-08-21 at 11.20.50 PM

  Alright, now that the wedding is over, the lavish details are emerging left and right and Nelson P. Cock has them all for you…so let’s get down to business… Update: 08/22/2011 – Kim & Kris left for New York today before leaving for their honeymoon. As estimated by the New York Post, the couple […]


a Toast to Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries


Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries wed in a private, star-studded, evening ceremony at a canyon estate in Montecito. Woop! We thought the hoopla would be over, however, the E! network will air a two-part special, Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event in October and K&K have agreed to a $1 million dollar magazine deal with People […]


Gerard Depardieu relieves himself on plane


Oh no he didn’t…actually yeah he did…hint of asparagus too. Legendary French actor, Gerard Depardieu pissed smack dab in the middle of the aisle on a plane heading to Dublin. The flight was about to take off and Gerard was told he could not get out of his seat to relieve himself, as you must […]


abercrombie has a situation


Abercrombie & Fitch extended a generous compensation to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino to not wear their clothing brand. Abercrombie claims that ‘The Jersey Shore’ cast sullies their brand and can strongly hurt their image.  That being said…what the hell is going on? Abercrombie’s image in its entirety is barely clothed dudes, low-rise pants, and a […]


online shopping


Okay, I’VE HAD IT! The online market place just lost 1 very irresponsible, un-educated shopper. What the hell is this “place in cart for pricing” crap? What’s the motivation on their part? Are they hoping we accidentally leave things in there unknowingly and purchase it? Is it because they want the few extra clicks/pageviews? Or […]


Shark Week 2011


  Shark Week is back baby!!! SEVEN days of shark infested madness! I’ve been waiting all year for this and it has finally arrived! I’m not jealous at all. You know, they never have ‘Bird Week’ or anything, but uh yeah, no jealousy here. All my love to the sharks. The bad guys get all the […]


texting issue


You know what really, and I mean REALLY ruffles my feathers? To my friends and “acquaintances.” WHY THE HELL initiate a text to me if you’re not going to respond to my reply? Does this overly annoying act make any sense to anyone? Are you checking on my health? Are you making sure I’m still […]


4th of July

Okay, it’s a long weekend, hoorah..but there are a few things that really ruffle my feathers about it… First off, if everybody is throwing their own barbeque, then who the hell is going to be around to attend? Some of these BBQ hosts really have to ask themselves, “am I fun?” If the answer is […]




You know what really ruffles my feathers? UGGS in the summer…Yeah sure they look good, but there’s a time and place for everything, and that rule definitely applies to eskimo gear. That kind of thing just grosses me out. Really gets me going. 90 degree heat, sweaty feet…Grotesque I tell you! As if the human […]