Gerard Depardieu relieves himself on plane


Oh no he didn’t…actually yeah he did…hint of asparagus too. Legendary French actor, Gerard Depardieu pissed smack dab in the middle of the aisle on a plane heading to Dublin. The flight was about to take off and Gerard was told he could not get out of his seat to relieve himself, as you must remain seated during take-off. You know who he is…the guy that co-starred with 15 year old Katherine Heigle in ‘My Father the Hero’? or maybe ‘Green Card? or how about ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’? The big, goofy French guy?…Anyways, so as a finger to the flight staff, Gerard pulled out his willis and doodle berries right there and let it flow. BooYah! It was reported by a passenger that he shook 3 times, which is one more then necessary. We all know guys shake twice, anymore then that and we have another problem on our hands.

– Pissed Off Peacock





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