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Cinco de Mayo = Time for Tequila!

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When it comes to Cinco de Mayo, there’s nothing more festive than a margarita. For this year’s celebrations, Casamigos has created some fun new takes on the classic cocktail to spice things up. For those who like a sweet drink with a little kick, the Casamigos Spicy Mangorita incorporates mango and serrano into your cocktail […]


Why Beer May Be a Good Choice for Regular Drinkers

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Everyone has their favored beverage of choice, especially when it comes to alcohol. Some love wine time, others are cocktail crazy, and then there are those who believe that beer is best. What drink you prefer depends on your taste preferences, and no one option is better than any other. However, that doesn’t mean that […]


Decoding the Pre-Requisites of a Flavorful Cannabis-Themed Party

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Has it been a long time since you have gone to a party? Then, why not throw one at your home? But wait! Do you think that throwing a fantastic party is easy? It’s not! Managing each and everything, starting from the guests to the food, can become quite frustrating sometimes. But thanks to the […]


Delectable Ways to Consume Healthy Cannabis When in Niagara Falls

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“Always keep trying. Don’t give in. Talk to friends, therapists, take CBD or a medication, get outdoors, work out, write down lists of positive things.” – Kristen Bell It won’t be wrong to say that CBD (cannabis, marijuana, or cannabidiol) is one of the most misunderstood herbs on Earth. The thought that it can make […]


How to Overcome Stress and Loneliness of COVID-19 Lockdown

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The freedom of walking around freely and meeting friends, going on vacations; everything has become a bit restricted now. Though 2021 is better than 2020, that year gave us all some bad memories of losing people, and the only place where we used to go is the hospital to meet our loved ones. Thankfully things […]


Exciting Things To Do Regardless of What City You Visit

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Realistically speaking, not all cities are created equal. While they may have similarities, they also have unique attractions that you can explore when you visit. This means that regardless of what city you’re visiting, each adventure you have can be exciting. Whether you let yourself wander down the streets, interact with locals, or examine an […]


PINNACLE VODKA Launches Pinnacle Light & Ripe Innovation Line

Pinnacle Light & Ripe Guava Lime sparkler

Summer is a couple months away, but thanks to Pinnacle Vodka, the perfect summer sip has arrived early this year. Pinnacle just announced Pinnacle Light & Ripe, an exciting new product line featuring two refreshing, fruit-forward flavors, Apricot Honeysuckle and Guava Lime, that are the perfect pairing for your summer gathering. Crafted with natural ingredients, […]


Is CBD Healthy for your Relationships?

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When you are in a relationship, you have to face many challenges. As a consequence, these challenges can sometimes upset you and your partner. However, if you look the other way and try to ignore these problems, it can lead to several other problems in your life.  So when you are finding ways to nurture […]


Cheers to the Good Life: How to Make the Most of your Time

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You may think that to enjoy a good life; you have to make drastic changes in life. However, in reality, if you want to lead a life full of happiness, you don’t have to wipe out all your life’s savings. Instead, you can start by making a few changes to your daily habits and adopt […]


Celebrations: 5-6 Unique Gifts for your Girlfriend

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It is not easy to express your love and affection to your loved one all the time. Gifts are a great way of showing your girlfriend how much you care about her. For couples, holidays are the best time for gifting, but do not discount birthdays and anniversaries. It is an amazing feeling to know […]


Grow Instagram Followers Organically

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If you’re starting an account for your company on Instagram, here are some tips to gain your first followers on the social network. Instagram has long since surpassed its position as a fun photo editing app, making it an important tool for Digital Marketing. As new features, such as Stories and Ads, were added, Instagram […]


DOM PÉRIGNON and Lady Gaga Push Boundaries with New Artistic Project


Paris – Today, more than ever, the world needs the power of creative freedom. A force to open up new horizons, to move us forward. A force that brings Lady Gaga and Dom Pérignon together for a collaboration. This is the celebration of how pushing boundaries of creation, constant reinvention and passionate dedication to one’s […]