texting issue


You know what really, and I mean REALLY ruffles my feathers? To my friends and “acquaintances.” WHY THE HELL initiate a text to me if you’re not going to respond to my reply? Does this overly annoying act make any sense to anyone? Are you checking on my health? Are you making sure I’m still flapping? If so, I could care less if you fly into a window and snap your neck tomorrow. That being said, don’t worry about me. Believe me, I don’t care about you, so SCREW! Next person that texts my Blackberry and ditches me mid convo; you’re dead. Try me!


– The Pissed Off Peacock










Disclaimer: Thoughts or opinions expressed by Nelson the Peacock do not in any way reflect those of TipsyDiaries.com or its staff.

If you have any thoughts, concerns, or just something that pisses you off, that you think might resonate with Nelson, PLEASE do not hesitate to email info@tipsydiaries.com with ‘NELSON’ as the subject.

Tipsy Diaries appreciates your contribution!

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