A #ThirstyThursday National Gin & Tonic Day with Q DRINKS

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Thursday, October 19th is National Gin & Tonic Day and on this special #ThirstyThursday, Q Drinks has some delicious Gin & Tonic variations for you to try.

Q Drinks is a line of premium carbonated mixers created to elevate cocktails, made with all-natural ingredients, high carbonation levels and naturally sweetened with agave or sugar cane, Q Drinks has a portfolio of mixers to compliment your premium spirit. Q Drinks portfolio includes Q Tonic Water, Q Club Soda, Q Ginger Beer, Q Ginger Ale, Q Grapefruit Soda, Q Kola and Q Indian Tonic. All products are low in calories than their competitors and certified non-GMO.



Infused Cucumber G&T

Infused Cucumber G&T

1.5 Gin
4 parts Q Tonic
3 cucumber ribbons per drink
Lay cucumber ribbons against inside of a tall Collins glass end to end from bottom to top.
Carefully add cube ice. Top with gin and tonic and garnish with lime.




Q Tonic
5-6 cups cranberry juice
1 ΒΌ cups gin
Add cranberry juice and gin to a pitcher, stir and chill. When ready to serve, fill highball glasses will ice.
Pour cranberry mixture into glasses. Top off glasses with Q Tonic as desired. Garnish with mint.
* A festive drink adapted from Gourmet Magazine.
*Makes 10 drinks



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