Famed Amalfi Coast Dining Destination, Conca Del Sogno, Kicks Off Winter Residency at Norah West Hollywood


Famed Amalfi Coast Dining Destination Conca Del Sogno Kicks Off Winter Residency at Norah West Hollywood With VIP Dinner 

Los Angeles, CA – On Wednesday, January 31, Amalfi Coast dining destination, Conca Del Sogno, officially kicked off their Los Angeles winter Residency at Norah Restaurant in West Hollywood, featuring two VIP seatings for guests to experience the authentic Italian cuisine from the famed Nerano, Italy restaurant and beach club. Guests were transported to a Mediterranean haven, greeted with an ambiance filled with candles, white table clothes, natural greenery table-scapes adorned with fresh lemons, wooden tones and neutral furniture accents, reflective of the in-demand Italian coast summer destination. The residency will consist of a one month, five week pop-up, through March 2, 2024, powered by Dorsia and featuring Malfy Italian Gin.

Notable guests in attendance for the Conca Del Sogno tasting dinner and celebration at Norah, featuring Mediterranean sounds by DJ Pookie,  complete with wooden tambourine accompanied curated music, included Heather Graham, Jamie Chung, Abbie Cornish, Casey Affleck, Emile Hirsch, Adelaide Kane, Katie Cassidy, Marta Pozzan, Lasyla De Oliveira, Danny A. Abeckaser, Omer Hazen, Vincent Laresca, Georgie Flores, Diana Madison, Nichelle Hines, Amanda Kloots, Andrew Matarazzo, Mackenzie Dippman, plus notable influencers and Industry players such as pro pickleball player Dominique Schaefer, producer Hilary Shor, producer Cisely Saldana, Sophie Flay, George Satsidis, Chris Gialanella, Derek Warburton, Giuseppe Giofre, Jasmeen Ledger, Heidi De La Rosa, Matteo Salarii, Tatiana Bjork Franco, Loreen Hwang, Hannah Linderman, Amy May, Adelina Novak, Sergio Farias, Juliet Hartley, Anita Gohari, Silvia Kal, Maryam Zolghadr, Priyanka Khanna, Christina Daia, Ali Lasky, Jasmin Rosemberg,  Julien Crochet, and Jonah Johnson, among others, plus Dorsia Founder Joshua Stern.

Norah owner, restaurateur Rohan Talwar, was on hand to host the evening with his wife Jamie Talwar, welcoming guests in true Italian form. The evening featured a tasting of Conca chef mouth-watering, summer fresh favorites straight From the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, bringing their authentic Italian Amalfi fare to Los Angeles for a limited period. Menu highlights included Parmigiana di Melanzane, Insalata di Conca, Spaghetti alla Nerano, Branzino al Sale, Truffle Pizza, Olive Oil Cake, and Nutella millefoglie. 

The cocktail program is inspired by the art of Amalfi. Using only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients,the evening presented an enticing selection highlighted by the Amalfi Negroni featuring Malfy Italian Gin, mixed with infused blood orange, the Malfy Rosa Lemonade, and Ravello with Malfy Gin Con Limone and Basil, plus a signature Sgroppino with lemon sorbet and Malfy Gin Con Limone, served in their signature Copa glasses. Additional cocktails reflective of the Conca De Sogno menu were offered paired with a carefully chosen wine selection or reds and whites, plus Peroni Nastro Azzurro Italian Beer to compliment the coastal Mediterranean cuisine. Norah General Manager Charles Philips and Bar Director Rexx Cano are spearheading the bar programs for the Conca Del Sogno residency, and spent time carefully coordinating each delicious drink offering, wine pairing and beverage selection.

Laysla De Oliveira & Adelaide Kane

Casey Affleck

Jamie Chung


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