breathalyzers for everyone


The American Beverage Institute…The U.S. slips into a depression but thank GAD these guys made it through. They have recently brought to light that the Roads Safe Act could possibly mandate the installation of a breathalyzer-like device into all cars off the assembly line. This will ensure that all cars can not be operated while the driver is over a specific alcohol level. The bill is seeking some scratch from R&D to develop such a device that is not “a pain in the ass” to all the sobie’s out there. A lot of cities all over have sentenced drunk drivers to install breathalyzers in their cars in which you’d obviously have to pucker up for before getting the ignition to start. Opponents of the bill believe that no matter what device is created, the fruits of life will be shattered. No more casual, responsible drinking without waiting in the parking lot, chowing down crackers and bread, waiting for your alcohol level to lower. The ABI believes people should be able to drink responsibly and not be penalized for other peoples thoughtless actions of getting behind the wheel. Though this is a safety precaution that would indeed save lives, it will also impact life dramatically. No more Morton’s meals with a martini and then a sprint drive home to hit that couch. OMG I’m turning into my mother!…Supporters of the bill claim this is a fight against drunk driving, not a slap in the face to the responsible, casual drinkers.

The Rant: 1st off… Have you seen scary movies lately? You can’t run from these serial killing MoFos…you gotta jump in your car and boot. Imagine running from Mr. Killer and you jump in your car trying to blow your way to safety. How many violent crimes are linked to alcohol or alcohol abuse? Give these people a chance! That’s my #1 issue with this. And as for the rest, I refuse to buy a car thats going to act like my mother every time I need to go somewhere. “Let me smell your breath hun!” Nah ah, I don’t think so. As for the R&D necessary to develop a device that wouldn’t be considered a “pain in the ass,” thats going to take some SERIOUS mula. What really can they do?..a thumb pad that tests your alcohol level in your blood? If such a device is possible, why the hell do I have repeated issues with my Apple Iphone touchscreen? Maybe we’ll have to recite the alphabet backwards into a mic. Wild goose chase if you ask me, but I’m no expert so don’t take my word for it. The way I see it, people cant be babied. No matter how much regulation we inject into America’s veins, danger is a part of life. I personally have lost many friends to drunk driving, but it would be truly biased of me to say this is a must for America. (19 sentences. Yup an official rant. Bare with me) To wrap this up before you get whip lash from the boredom, bad decisions and danger are part of life. I know we’ve lost many good people to alcohol related “stupidity” but the only thing we can do is keep educating the public and stress the importance of the decisions they make….hmm…yeah thats about it.


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