FALL Tailgating Cocktails & Tips with CORONA

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With football season in full swing (and some teams faring better than others), check out some fun tailgating tips and festive beertail recipes courtesy of ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden and Corona Extra.

Whether you’re entertaining at home or tailgating in the parking lot, Corona is great for every game day moment – whether you prefer popping the top of an ice-cold Corona or would prefer to create a beertail and add Corona to your favorite cocktail. Coach Gruden’s go-to beertails are his “Pre-Game Ritual” beer-garita or the “Hail Mary,” a twist on a bloody mary.

It’s not whether your team wins or loses, but what’s in your fridge for the game!



Coach Gruden’s Game Day Tips

Game Day Must-Haves: Huddle up and listen! Whenever I tailgate – whether at home or at the stadium – I like to follow three simple rules:

Rule #1 – never go anywhere without a visor. Enough said.

Rule #2 – Leave the tech at home. Games are meant to be watched old school, and you can’t focus if your head is buried in your phone.

Rule #3 – pick the right beer, and keep it on ice all day long. My top pick is a cold Corona – and don’t forget the lime.

Start Early: No one likes to get stuck in a nickel jam when hosting their game day fiesta! Whether at home or at the stadium, make sure to get going early so there’s plenty of time to relax and hang with friends. My game day routine is to prep the grill, turn on last week’s game film and relax with an ice-cold Corona before kick-off.
Keep Spirits High: There are a lot of plays that can win a football game, but the key to winning your tailgate is keeping the food flowing and the beer cold. I like to say it’s not whether your team wins or loses, but what’s in the fridge during the game – because keeping spirits high is always easiest when you’re drinking Corona.

Gruden’s Hail Mary

Hail Mary

1 Coronita Extra®
1.5 oz SVEDKA Vodka®
4. oz Bloody Mary mix
1 Lime for juice & garnish
1 Celery stalk
1 Pint glass (chilled, if possible)
Coarse Salt

Salt Rim of glass by wetting the edge with lime juice then dipping glass into a plate of coarse salt. Combine Svedka​ Vodka® and bloody mary mix in the glass with ice. Squeeze the juice of 1/2 lime into glass. Mix with a spoon. Add clip and insert a Coronita Extra®. Garnish with lime and celery stalk.


Gruden’s Pre-Game Ritual

Gruden’s Pre-Game Ritual

1 Coronita Extra®
2 oz. Casa Noble Crystal Tequila®
1 oz. Lime juice
.5 oz. Agave nectar
Lime wedge

Mix Casa Noble, lime juice and agave nectar in a shake with ice. Shake until chilled. Strain into a glass with 1/3 ice. Pour and sink Coronita and garnish with lime wedge.




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