NUDE Vodka
NUDE Vodka

Don’t worry, it’s not what you’s even better for all you Californians out there. NUDE Vodka (Ultra Premium) from NUDE Spirits has made its way to the California market. It’s official!

NUDE has partnered with Western States Beverage to distribute it’s deliciousness to the high-end restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and retailers. With so many outlets just here in Los Angeles alone, I’m sure you’ll get NUDE.

NUDE is unique because it is filtered five times over crushed volcanic lava rock (what?!?) and distilled in the High Cascades of the Pacific Northwest. Just that story alone should make you want to try it. It uses pure Cascade Mountain water to create its 100% gluten-free ultra-premium tastiness.

It’s a perfect match for the sophisticated elite in Los Angeles. For this reason, NUDE feels that the consumers will embrace the brand’s high sophistication level and even more importantly, it’s smooth taste.

The Gold Medal Award Winner at the SIP Awards; NUDE had the highest grade of aroma, taste, and finish quality.

NUDE is clearly the spirit for the new generation of vodka drinkers.


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