Where’s Waldo Holds #1 Spot

Where's Waldo

Where's Waldo





We are now interrupting our regularly scheduled posts to bring you this live coverage. Reporting live from Afghanistan…Dina Willis has the story.

Thank you Tipsy! I’m standing here live with the infamous Where’s Waldo. After a grueling 10 years of hiding, Waldo was able to maintain his title of ‘Most Elusive Man in the World.’

So tell me Waldo, why was this so important to you and what were some of your major challenges?

Waldo: I really appreciate that Dina…Well I just gotta say it wasn’t easy. 10 years in that ridiculous heat will really get your imagination going. When Bin Laden first surfaced as America’s most sought after man, I realized my accomplishments were being over-looked. I’ve been doing this way before Bin’s parents divorced and stopped loving him. When it comes to elusiveness, I’m your guy!

Dina: While in hiding, what was going through your mind?

Waldo: Well the main thing was that I didn’t want to win this by a technicality, so I had to move my whole operation to the mountains of Afghanistan just to make sure everybody knew this was a fair match.

Dina: Did it bother you when you and the rest of the world realized it wasn’t a fair match at all?..All that just to find out that he was sitting in his million dollar mansion, with major aid from the Pakistani governme…I mean…sitting in his million dollar mansion?…

Waldo: Haha not at all Dina. I’m the real deal. If he couldn’t handle the heat, then he’s a cowardly, little, angry muslim.

Dina: Well we’re all happy for you Waldo. You’ll always remain #1 in our hearts. So whats next for you?..

Waldo: Hopefully along with the troops, I plan on coming home and getting back to the family thing. My boy is going to get to see his father come back…a Winner! Before I go I’d just like to thank my team and my press secretary. I couldn’t of done it with out them and I’d also like to thank my mom and dad for supporting me when I needed it most. Lastly, a special thanks to my loyal fans, who I’ve enjoyed hiding from as much as they have enjoyed looking…THANK YOU and God Bless America!

Dina: And you heard it here folks. A dedicated competitor, in a dedicated fight.

Back to Tipsy Headquarters in Los Angeles, this is Dina Willis reporting.

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