OPHELIA Rooftop Donates Cocktail Proceeds to NY Women’s Foundation

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Ophelia’s Ascension

During the month of March, Ophelia, the newly opened rooftop lounge on top of the historic Beekman Tower, will be donating 10% of the proceeds from its Ophelia’s Ascension cocktails to The New York Women’s Foundation, an organization that works to create an equitable and just future for women by uniting a cross-cultural alliance that ignites action and invests in bold, community-led solutions across the city.

Ophelia’s Ascension is the lounge’s extremely popular and most photogenic smoking cocktail, made with charcoal, Bourbon, and Mezcal infused with smoked Jamaican peppers. Ophelia, named after their favorite Shakespearean heroine, traces its feminine roots all the way back to the 1920s when the Beekman Tower served as a lounge for working women.

Recently renovated by Public Agenda, a female co-founded development firm, the space has stayed true to its girl-power origins, and will continue to do so through its support of female focused charities.



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