Cut Through the Noise! EIGHT KOREAN BBQ in Koreatown – Los Angeles

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The Korean BBQ scene in Los Angeles’ Koreatown can get overwhelming. With the largest Korean community outside of Korea, if you can’t make it to home base, this is where you need to be. With so many options to choose from; incredible restaurants, bars, markets, and nightclubs, you’ll leave feeling like you just got an authentic experience without traveling halfway around the world.

With that being said, let us help you cut through the noise.

Eight Korean BBQ is a MUST!

This must-try in Southern California is the only spot that offers Mangalitza pork belly, marinated 8 different ways. They don’t mess around.

The only other outposts are in Singapore, where the Mangalitza pork belly is also exclusively sold.

Eight Korean BBQ

In addition to the tender and oh so juicy taste of Mangalitza pork, the pork also has other benefits. It’s lower in cholesterol, digests easily, and is the perfect compliment to a healthy diet. The Mangalitza Hog is fed with an all-natural diet and is referred to as the ‘kobe beef’ of pork. Fancy!

Wine – lowers the risk of heart disease and opens blood vessels for better circulation

Original – all natural with no additives. Rich in Vitamin B1

Ginseng – stimulates the metabolism 

Garlic – lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure

Herb – alleviates stress & depression

Curry – prevents Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers

Miso Paste – beneficial in circulating the body’s natural biochemistry

Red Pepper Paste – contains protein, healthy fats, Vitamins B2, Vitamin C, and carotene

And for those who prefer beef, they also have Argentinian Grass Fed, USDA Prime, & Japanese Wagyu.

Even better than their food selection, is that it’s all grilled right in front of you, to your liking.

From the never-ending flavors that kept our palette satisfied, to the attentive servers, to the added health benefits of the meal 😉 we felt pretty good about ourselves by the time we were done.

Check out the goods below…..


Combo A

Eight Flavors or Pork Belly

Seafood Soybean Stew

Mozzarella Kimchi Fried Rice

Eight Korean BBQ
Eight Korean BBQ

Seafood Soybean Stew

Seafood Soybean Stew – Eight Korean BBQ

Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice – Eight Korean BBQ

Seafood Stew

Seafood Stew – Eight Korean BBQ

Egg Soufflé

Egg SoufflĂ© – Eight Korean BBQ

And of course, can’t forget about the tipsiness!

CHEERS! – Eight Korean BBQ
Soju – Eight Korean BBQ


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