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National Vodka Day Cocktails with PINNACLE VODKA

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To help get you ready for National Vodka Day on October 4, Pinnacle Vodka has created vodka-forward cocktails that are simple and easy to recreate at home! The below cocktail recipes feature award-winning Pinnacle Original Vodka, classic vodka accompaniments and unique garnishes. Cheers! _______________ Citrus Fizz 1 part Pinnacle® Original Vodka 2 parts Club Soda […]


Throw an Impromptu Vodka Day Party!

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Wednesday, October 4th, is National Vodka Day so instead of reaching for Red Bull and cranberry juice, introduce your vodka to the mixers it deserves. To celebrate this day properly, we have put together a list of cocktail recipes that include exceptional, NEW vodkas such as Crystal Head AURORA and Koskenkorva. Cheers! _______________ **NEW** Crystal […]


National Vodka Day TIPSY TOUR around Los Angeles with REYKA VODKA


IT’S ON! But let us begin from where it all started… The REYKA VODKA Distillery, Iceland’s first distillery, located in Borgarnes, Iceland, is home to fields of lava rock and towering waterfalls of spring water – And Iceland, of course, is home to glaciers, the Northern Lights, and the Blue Lagoon. We’re ready to go […]


Stay Tipsy with EFFEN VODKA on National Vodka Day!


TODAY is National Vodka Day, which makes the perfect excuse to celebrate with a delicious EFFEN Vodka cocktail! Check out these EFFEN Vodka cocktails that are sure to pique every vodka lover’s interest. These recipes are made with EFFEN’s new flavor releases, EFFEN Blood Orange, EFFEN Green Apple and EFFEN Raspberry. Cheers! __________ EFFEN® Blood Orange […]


Celebrate National Vodka Day with KETEL ONE VODKA Cocktails


New “unique” holidays are like buses, every 15 minutes there is a new one showing up on your calendar, but only a certain few stick out and deserve to be celebrated. October 4 marks National Vodka Day. Yes, vodka is the most popular liquor sold in the U.S. There is no better way to celebrate […]


National Vodka Day Cocktails with MÉNAGE Á TROIS Vodka


NATIONAL VODKA DAY is right around the corner! Check out some cocktails from MÉNAGE Á TROIS Vodka that will keep you tipsy all day long. Cheers! __________ Pumpkin Spice Martini Embrace the spice of the season in this easy “martini” topped off with Ménage à Trois Vodka 2 parts Ménage à Trios Straight Vodka 1 […]


SVEDKA Vodka Celebrates National Vodka Day!


National Vodka Day is coming up on Tuesday, October 4th, and the following SVEDKA Vodka cocktails are the perfect way to honor the cherished spirit! Whether you are enjoying happy hour with co-workers, watching Scream Queens with friends or in need of a nightcap, these signature SVEDKA cocktails will help you celebrate the holiday proper. […]


Sippin’ In Style on National Vodka Day at ALOFT HOTELS

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From Manhattan to Munich, celebrate National Vodka Day with specialty drinks featuring every bar’s staple – vodka – from Aloft Hotels. In honor of their 100th opening, the brand has curated two cocktails from their spotlight properties to highlight the liquor of honor. The Mule of Rock from Aloft FiDi mixes vodka with cranberry juice […]


Stay Tipsy on National Vodka Day with elit by Stoli

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National Vodka Day is coming up on Sunday, October 4th, so it’s time to break out the fur coats, line up the martini glasses, and study up on your vodka knowledge! In honor of National Vodka Day, elit by Stolichnaya’s National Brand Ambassador Brent Lamberti compiled the below facts in honor of the U.S.’s No. […]


VO|CO for National Vodka Day!

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National Vodka Day is coming upon us on October 4! Why not celebrate with a cocktail that’s convenient, tasty, and refreshing, using all-natural ingredients? VO|CO teamed up with expert mixologists to blend premium, triple distilled vodka with all-natural Indonesian coconut water for a delicious “ready-to-drink” vodka and coconut water cocktail that requires no chaser or […]


Celebrate National Vodka Day on October 4 with HARD ROCK CAFE HOLLYWOOD or Universal CityWalk Cocktail Offerings

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October 4th is National Vodka Day and Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood is celebrating by sipping on some refreshing cocktails. Please see below for a few vodka cocktails available at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd. or at Universal CityWalk perfect for toasting National Vodka Day! Cheers! __________ Hard Rock’s Red Berry Press 3 lemon […]


Get Into The Spirit of National Vodka Day with GREY GOOSE

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___ One of the most established liquors, VODKA, dates back to the 8th century. Originally used for medicinal purposes, vodka has evolved and transformed into an extraordinarily popular spirit enjoyed by many on its own or crafted into specialty cocktails, boasting James Bond, Humphrey Bogart, and Barack and Michelle Obama as outspoken fans. For National […]