VO|CO for National Vodka Day!

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 6.38.39 PM

National Vodka Day is coming upon us on October 4!

Why not celebrate with a cocktail that’s convenient, tasty, and refreshing, using all-natural ingredients?

VO|CO teamed up with expert mixologists to blend premium, triple distilled vodka with all-natural Indonesian coconut water for a delicious “ready-to-drink” vodka and coconut water cocktail that requires no chaser or mixer.

There are also no artificial sweeteners or artificial colors added. The ultra convenient packaging allows you to enjoy this cocktail at home, at the pool, on a boat, or at a restaurant and nightclub without the need for glassware. Not to mention, supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio serves as the official spokesperson for the brand.


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