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Can you imagine being at home and playing live and from your computer at the physical casino roulette, just as if you were there? Until not long ago this would have been impossible. However, in iJuego we have made it a reality. Do you want to know how? Thanks to Authentic Gran Vía Roulette, a roulette in which those who are in the casino and those who are at home play at the same time. But how do you play AG Roulette? We’ll tell you.

The origin and success of roulette in casinos

Casinos are full of numerous game alternatives for all types of audiences, but if there is a quintessential game that triumphs among players in casinos around the world, it is roulette.

Roulette was originally a game for the French aristocracy in the mid-18th century. And although its origins are not exactly known, it is believed that it was the French mathematician Blaise Pascal who created this game in the mid-17th century -exactly in 1655. Specifically, he designed a spherical machine, capable of keeping itself in motion. However, what is known today as roulette is due to the brothers Francois and Louis Blanc, when in 1842, they decided to divide Pascal’s sphere with thirty-six numbers, between even and odd, red and black. This would be the great revolution that started the history of one of the most popular games.

Its success is due to the fact that its operation is very simple, it generates great entertainment and there are always possibilities of obtaining good profits if luck is on the side of the player. Despite being a game of chance, statistics and probability can be used in the player’s favor to improve technique. All with the purpose of getting better spins and, therefore, obtaining better prizes.

Why are live roulettes successful in online casinos?

If roulette has always been successful in physical casinos, the same goes for online casinos, even more so thanks to the rise of live roulette. Many roulette wheels offer live chat to talk to the dealer and any players who are also placing their bets.

Online casinos make all kinds of roulette available to players, from the most classic modalities to the most innovative, although live roulette is the most appreciated of all.

Thanks to live roulettes, casinos have managed to generate a sense of presence, and users feel closer to a traditional gaming room.

What is Authentic Gran Vía Roulette?

As we have already said, live roulette is very successful in online casinos, but it is still possible to go one step further. This is what we have done at iJuego thanks to the Gran Vía Auténtica roulette, with which players can play from home while others do it in the real casino.

This new game allows you to see the casino table in its real room as if you were there, but from your iJuego online account. A pioneering experience in Canada, which you can only enjoy in our online casino.

How to play AG roulette?Playing authentic casino roulette from home is very simple. Without having to travel, in the comfort of your home and without giving up emotion, fun and entertainment, which are guaranteed at all times, you can launch the ball and try your luck at the same time as other players on Gran Vía .

A multi-camera installation transports the online player to the physical casino gaming room, allowing him to see everything that happens in the real room from his computer, tablet or mobile.

All you have to do is register at our online casino, click on the game to start playing, bet on a number and guess where the ball will land.

From 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., you can play roulette and share the excitement of the physical casino from home.

Advantages of playing roulette at the online casino

Roulette is one of the favorite games in any casino. Now you know how to play AG roulette, but at iJuego we also offer you many other options so that you can choose the one you like best. Haven’t tried online roulette yet? We tell you some of its advantages.

– You can play anywhere and at any time: all you need to bet online is a connection and a computer or mobile phone. This means that you can enter your favorite online casino from anywhere and take advantage of any downtime you have, regardless of the day or time.

– Bonuses and promotions: in online casinos you can enjoy welcome bonuses and promotions that you can benefit from and that are not available in physical casinos.

– Confidentiality: playing at the online casino allows you to maintain anonymity without other people knowing that you make this type of bet.

Do you want to play roulette at the Gran Vía casino from home? Enjoy this pioneering experience in Spain thanks to iJuego. Feel all the excitement of the real casino without leaving the sofa at home, and have a fun time while you win money. Play roulette live and online.


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