3 Ideas for Organizing the Ultimate Themed Dinner Party


Arranging quality time together is a lovely way to show you care. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your partner, housemates, or a few close friends – the more thought you put into your plans, the more they’ll appreciate your efforts.

One really great way to treat them is by arranging a dinner party, and if the event is themed, even better! This sort of special occasion takes a lot of organizing, however, the best place to start is by deciding on what it is you want to do.

To help you with that, here are three ideas to inspire you…

Create a casino-themed treat

We all love a reason to get dressed up, and one excuse for organizing a really high-brow event is to take inspiration from the glamorous world of the casino. There’s nowhere quite so lavish or decadent as Las Vegas, which is why it’s the perfect theme for a chic and sophisticated dinner party.

Start by compiling a cocktail list, picking out a few Sin City favorites to serve up. Once you have your drinks selected, decide on your menu, thinking of the sort of five-star cuisine you’d find in a Michelin-star restaurant (we’re talking steak, truffles, and caviar as standard).

Finally, it’s on to the entertainment. You can use online casinos as inspiration, taking a look at the games that are available there. If you want to get a real sense of the atmosphere, you can play for less by using a site like Bonus Finder to pinpoint special offers and promotions. Card games will probably work best, so be sure to brush up on the rules before the big event.

Choose their favorite type of cuisine

If you’re organizing your event with a special someone in mind, it can be a good idea to take your inspiration from their favorite cuisine. Let’s say you want to arrange a dinner party to celebrate your other half’s birthday. If their ideal place to eat is your local Thai restaurant, try to whip up some of their favorite dishes at home. The same idea works for any and all cuisines, from standard English pub grub to authentic Indian food.

It’s important that you go the extra mile, so don’t just stop at your main: find starters and desserts that are traditionally eaten in that country, as well as drinks. You could even research popular forms of entertainment or preferred music styles in order to stick as close as possible to your theme.

Organize an at-home picnic

If you’d like to arrange a dinner party but would prefer something informal and easy to throw together, you could organize an indoor picnic. We personally love this idea, because it’s absolutely adorable and sublimely easy to pull off.

As well as picking up or preparing some tasty finger foods, try to set the scene. If the weather is on your side, you can take your meal into the garden, but even if it’s winter, you can adapt. All you need to do is forgo your dining table and migrate to the floor instead. Pop down a picnic blanket, play some nature sounds, and conjure the atmosphere of a sunny summer’s day.

Which of these dinner party themes would you most like to have a go at?


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