“The Most Original Moments” by Stoli

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Campaign Videos Created by World-Renowned Director Jonas Åkerlund

Featuring Music by DJ Avicii, Phantogram & Ricky Luna

New York – Stolichnaya Premium Vodka reaffirms its brand promise that the most original people deserve the most original vodka with the launch of a new global advertising campaign entitled The Most Original Moments, Deserve The Most Original Vodka.” The new campaign conceptualized by creative advertising agency, Berlin Cameron United, pushes Stoli® and its audience into a more active form of originality, creating and capturing unique moments, while inspiring its audience to create their own. Original moments bring to life the brand’s belief that originality can be a part of any situation (day, night, party, cocktail, etc.). The new campaign, which launched digitally in April with unique video content, will be followed by a national print and out of home campaign beginning in May.

“Furthering the brand’s commitment to originality, Stoli® continues to push the boundaries of how it connects and engages with its audience,” said Val Mendeleev, CEO, SPI Group. “I’m looking forward to seeing this campaign evolve throughout the year as Stoli engages with its fans through digital media that have become so essential to their daily lives.”    

Stoli® selected Swedish film and music video director, Jonas Åkerlund, known for his work with Madonna and Lady Gaga, to create three films that embody the true spirit of Stoli®, an original, daring, passionate and innovative brand.  For the video soundtracks, Stoli® tapped three artists and acquired the rights to use three originally remixed tracks. Each track was chosen to match the original scenarios that Åkerlund created, which include “Blessed” by Tom Hangs and Shermanology, remix by Avicii, “Drup It” by Ricky Luna, and “When I’m Small” by Phantogram. The result is three films chronicling original people who venture into a night out journey of spontaneity and creativity, one that transforms the everyday into the exceptional and from the real into the surreal.

Filmed in Berlin, Germany, the night begins within a white wall-to-wall studio space, where friends arrive at a cocktail party. Within a few seconds, Avicii’s remixed track “Blessed” begins playing and the soiree unexpectedly morphs into an over-the-top paint party.  Throughout the scene moments of originality are captured including “The Most Original Impression,” a silhouette of a woman’s body on a wall after she is sprayed with paint. As the evening evolves, the group moves to a new location, a dynamic, high-tech environment set within an abandoned power-plant outside of Berlin. There, the “Most Original Remix” includes a DJ’s turntable transformed into an impromptu cocktail coaster, spinning the sound of “Drup It” by Ricky Luna.  The night concludes at Berlin’s abandoned Spree Park amusement park for the “Most Original After-Party” where the friends reunite for a more intimate gathering, which features “The Most Original Performance,” a cocktail levitating in the air to the almost mystical background arrangement of music “When I’m Small” by Phantogram.

“I’m eager to see the world’s reaction to the new campaign; Stoli® has a new look that’s fairly edgy and the party scenes we created really embody the brand’s spirit of originality,” said Jonas Åkerlund “This was an especially fun project to do because we ended up sending out a casting call throughout Berlin, the people featured in the videos are not actors but just interesting characters who we felt conveyed the aesthetic of the project,” added Åkerlund.

Capturing vibrant moments of originality, the print and out of home campaign will include an array of images such as an individual entering a venue on a zebra with the tagline “The Most Original Entrance,” while another brings to life “The Most Original Table Service,” which depicts a stylish young woman enjoying a cocktail and laughing at the antics of a man kneeling on all fours, his back serving as the base for her tabletop.

“We are excited to debut our new campaign and brand vision with consumers,” said Lisa Pfenning, Category Director – Stolichnaya®, William Grant & Sons. “Throughout the year, Stoli® will bring elements of the campaign to life via events, sponsorships, partnerships and on- and off-premise programs.”

In addition, ads will also be tailored to support the brand’s 50th anniversary of pioneering the flavored vodka category when it releases two original flavors Stoli® Hot and Stoli® Sticki™ in April, 2012.   Remixes on Pertsovka (Pepper) and Okhotnichya (Honey and Herb), the first flavored vodkas ever commercially produced by Stolichnaya® in 1962, Stoli® Hot and Stoli® Sticki™ offer a perfect balance of sweet and heat.


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