Top 4 Drinks to Pack for Your Camping Trip

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Camping itself is a wonderful experience, but if you bring along a family member or friend, together you will enjoy a remarkable experience that will help you sustain a strong and pleasant connection. Organizing your next camping trip beforehand will certainly make your experience a more enjoyable one. When you are preparing your trip, you are best able to make sure you have all the camping supplies you need and can even add some drinks to enjoy at your camping place. 

In this article, we are going to list the top 4 drinks that you can include on your next camping trip. 


To begin with, beer is always an ideal option for camping drinks. While many think it is not the easiest to transport with you. As a camper, one of the main rules is to keep it light and the beer can get heavy, as you obviously will not bring just one of these. It will add some weight or take place in your bag, but there is now a portable cooler to put your beer cans. They are perfect for people who often use portable coolers, as they completely free up your hands which is a more comfortable overall experience. 


A variety of campers appear to uncork white and red bottles for group sharing in an hour or so before dinner. If you do not want to bring a bottle of wine because it is made of glass and can break and cause accidents, then there are new options. Try some more unusual wines, drink them from cans, plastic cups, packets, as well as a pre-filled goblet on your camping trip. Drinking a glass of red wine on occasion is also nice for you. It offers antioxidant properties and can increase longevity among several other benefits. Moreover, the red wine is likely to have higher antioxidant levels than white wine.


You can not go wrong loading up your flask with your alcoholic beverages of choice to keep warm and cozy. Take along some Izze soda cans for mixers. Orange goes well with tequila, blackberry matches with gin, and bourbon is good with green apples. If you have ice to spare, do not underestimate the taste of drinking anything on the rocks too. When you have a couple of drinks around the campfire, make sure to keep adequately hydrated.

Hot Cocoa or Tea

You can also choose a non-alcoholic drink, and enjoy a delicious hot chocolate or tea to warm up your next camping trip in cold weather. A thermos would work just fine. When you are using a thermos, fill it with hot water and let it sit first for a few minutes as pre-heating would contribute to making your hot cocoa warmer for a longer period. 

Some things enhance the experience of camping and taking in the amazing view like treating yourself to a rewarding drink. Drinking alcohol, however, induces fatigue, impairs judgment and agility, making it more difficult to acclimatize to the altitude. So do not drink when you are hiking, and save it for the night campfire.


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