Choosing A Mother of the Bride Dress: Important Things to Consider


Whether you’re a bride looking to purchase a mother of the bride dress for your mom, or you’re the mom herself searching online for some tips from the professionals, we’re here to help.

It’s often difficult to choose a dress you love and something that matches with the wedding day, which is why so much thought and effort goes into selecting the perfect dress. While it might not be the bridal dress you’re looking for, the mother of the bride dress is very important and can decide the formality of the wedding. Keep reading for important things to consider before choosing or shopping for mother of the bride dresses.


Take a swatch from the bridesmaid dresses when you’re shopping because it’s essential that the color of your gown complements the dresses of the bridal party. Perhaps you want to match the bridesmaids. If so, then it’s best to take a look at stores or designs which offer bridesmaids and mothers collections. If not, ensure to still get a color that doesn’t clash with the bridal party – you’re going to be around them a lot and want the theme and feel of the wedding to be amazing.


Not only is it essential to consider the colors and theme of the wedding, but connecting with the mother of the groom is key too. The length of your dress can establish a sense of formality but also you don’t want the two colors to clash with each other or even be the same color. Unless you’re shopping at the same store and want the same dress, this isn’t the best idea.


Mother of the bride dresses may seem easy to come across, and while they are, for the most part, it’s not ideal to start shopping too late for your gown. You may want to shop in person first and choose something online if you’re looking for something more affordable. However, if you choose to shop purely online, ensure you have enough time for the dress to arrive. 


It’s understandable if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on a mother of the bride dress, but luckily for you, there are tons of cheap mother of the bride dresses to choose from. It may be at your favorite boutique or even online. A great tip for saving money on wedding party dresses is to try them on in store and then go somewhere cheaper online to purchase a similar (or sometimes the same) dress for a fraction of the price.


Most mother of the bride dresses are plain and simple so you can add some sparkling accessories yourself. If you want something fit for the red carpet, it might be best to consult with your daughter first to be sure it fits with her theme. It’s most likely that she’ll want you to wear something more elegant and traditional than modern and blingy. That’s totally cool though, and you’ll look great no matter what.


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