HIATUS TEQUILA Makes Global Debut in NYC & Florida

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Go ‘On Hiatus’ With a Natural Tequila; You Deserve It 

HIATUS Tequila

NYC, January 10, 2019 – Hiatus, a collection of ultra-premium tequilas, stays true to how real tequila should taste; naturally clean yet complex, ideal for sipping neat, on the rocks or shining in a cocktail. According to the dictionary, Hiatus is defined as; an interruption in time or continuity: a pause, or break; especially a period when something (such as a typical activity) is interrupted…Hiatus Tequila inspires us to take a break, seek balance, and pursue what matters most.

Launching with a Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo, the idea for Hiatus was conceived more than three years ago and is produced in collaboration with a third-generation award-winning tequila family at La Cofradía, located just outside of the town of Tequila. Hiatus is now available for purchase on Drizly.com and is currently on shelves in premium liquor stores across New York City and Brooklyn including; Brooklyn Wine Exchange, Royal Wine Merchants (Wall Street), Morton Williams (Park Ave), Broadway Spirits (Downtown Manhattan/Tribeca), Gary’s Wine and Liquors (Lowest East Side), Westerly Liquors (Columbus Circle), Zap Wines (BK), G & I Wine & Spirits (BK) and several bars, and restaurants such as; Bar Pleiades at Cafe Boulud, The Garret East and The Garret West, Prospect Brooklyn, Underdog, Devon, Swift Hibernian Lounge, West 3rd Common, Analogue, Travel Bar and Almar. 

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding tequila. It’s made from a plant the ancient Aztecs deemed sacred, and the spirit itself is centuries old. We believe that’s where the mystery should end. We’ve created a tequila with full transparency,” says Kristopher DeSoto, founder, of Hiatus Tequila. “We ensure that the spirit in the bottle is a true expression of what tequila should be by using only fully mature agave, taking our time to cook them slowly in masonry ovens, and double distilling to maintain the earthy agave notes that make Tequila unique, before filtering out the unsavory finish that defines many tequilas. It may be a slower process, but we prefer quality over speed. The flavors and aromas are untampered with, unadulterated. Nothing added, nothing is taken away. If you enjoy natural tequila, you’ll love Hiatus.

DeSoto has experienced life beyond borders. Between his personal interests and previous career in international helicopter sales, he has been fortunate to have traveled the world, visiting more than 50 countries. Raised in Texas, DeSoto was introduced to tequila early on and has traveled throughout Mexico and spent over 7 years living there. In that time, he noticed that the most sought-after tequilas south of the border were often different from those found on U.S. shelves, the flavors and aromas more robust and expressive. He decided that such a tequila—natural tequila—should be available in the United States.

Hiatus is made from 100% blue Weber agave, which is allowed to fully mature for up to 8 years in order to ripen. At La Cofradía, which attracted DeSoto’s attention primarily due to their focus on traditional and sustainable practices, the roasted agave is crushed with several custom-made screw press extractors, which act like a giant corkscrew, squeezing the meat and fibers of the agave and releasing its sweet nectar. Pressing rather than pulverizing the agave allows sweeter, rounder flavors to come through in the tequila; thus, a natural tequila was born.

La Cofradía sits on the edge of an extinct volcano whose porous foundation acts as a natural filter for the spring water used to make Hiatus. The grounds teem with blue agave plants, decades-old mango trees, native cactus, and desert flowers. The family, third-generation tequila makers, see themselves as guardians of the spirit’s tradition. The master distiller, Luis Trejo Rodríguez, has been at La Cofradía for nearly 20 years. Born in Tequila, he learned the art of distillation and spirit aging from his family. The culture of tequila is in his blood.

Flawlessly clear in the glass, Hiatus Blanco is bursting with aromas of roasted agave, fresh-cut grass, and tropical fruit. On the palate, it’s clean and complex with a luxurious mouthfeel, ideal for sipping neat or in a craft cocktail. Hiatus Reposado is rested 6 months ex-whiskey barrels, giving it a pale straw hue. Caramelized agave, roasted red pepper, and cinnamon notes give way to hazelnut and vanilla. Silky with a touch of sweetness, enjoy it on its own or in a premium cocktail. Aged for a full year in ex- American oak whiskey barrels, Hiatus Añejo pours a lush honey color. It opens with tantalizing aromas of dried herbs and candied fruit followed by hints of baking spices, cocoa, and toasted oak. Sip it after dinner or try it in a rich dessert cocktail. All Hiatus Tequilas are certified gluten-free and Kosher.

Keeping in line with the brand’s ethos of maintaining absolute transparency, the bottle’s unique, minimalist, the design is a reflection of the brand’s vision to deliver a true, honest, no-frills tequila. The spaced out Hiatus lettering is a symbol to remind us all to make space in our busy schedules to take a break and seek out a pure and more elevated way of life. The lower positioning of the label, per each expression, suggests the different times throughout the day you may wish to enjoy your Hiatus. Strengthening the brand’s ties to Mexico, Matt Mawson, a world-renowned photo-journalist, who has spent decades living in and working across Mexico, a close friend of DeSoto’s, captured the first images adorning the bottles, all of which pay tribute to the human involvement from La Cofradía.

In the coming months, Hiatus will introduce unique programming, competitions and will collaborate with content creators to bring the brand to life across social media. The brand website will serve as an ongoing hub for an interview series, which will profile personalities across the creative industries, with a specific focus on fashion, art, music, entertainment, and travel. 

Additionally, Hiatus has developed specialized programming and partnerships, solidifying its positioning as a brand which will educate the general public and its fans about all facets of the tequila industry. Hiatus has already and will continue to facilitate educational seminars with The Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT), which educate patrons about the spirit.

A percentage of sales from Hiatus are to be donated to The Best Friends Animal Society, where DeSoto has volunteered his time for several years. To start, Hiatus is available for purchase with a retail price of $43.99 for the Blanco, $48.99 for Reposado and $53.99 for Añejo per 750ml size, 40% alc./vol., in New York City and Florida. Always enjoy Hiatus responsibly.


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