Tequila CAZADORES and Chef Aaron Sanchez Close Out Bodega Bites Tour in New York

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Tequila CAZADORES and Chef Aaron Sanchez Close Out Bodega Bites Tour in New York

On Tuesday night, Tequila CAZADORES and Chef Aaron Sanchez, closed out the Bodega Bites tour – Bodega Bites is a Taco Tuesday series launched earlier this month in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

The series shines a light on local bodega and mercado owners across the U.S. who are known for their timeless taco recipes filled with years of tradition and true craftsmanship. The event has already hit Los Angeles and Austin, where Tequila CAZADORES and Chef Sánchez hosted a mix of happy hours and late night deliveries featuring the local bodega or mercado’s most popular tacos, as well as exclusive recipes from Sánchez inspired by his trip to Arandas, Mexico – Tequila CAZADORES’ birthplace.

At the NY closeout event, hosted at The Lately in Chelsea, guests enjoyed a night of Taco Tuesday festivities, sipping on signature Tequila CAZADORES cocktails while enjoying authentic Mexican tacos from both chef Aarón Sánchez and our local spotlighted bodega, Zaragoza Mexican Deli.

Handcrafted Tequila CAZADORES cocktails at Bodega Bites at The Lately NYC
Bodega Bites hosted by Tequila CAZADORES at The Lately in NYC
Mixologist and brand ambassador Manny Hinojosa crafting Tequila CAZADORES cocktails at Bodega Bites at The Lately in NYC
Mixologist Manny Hinojosa, Owner of Zaragoza Mexican Deli Ruben Martinez, and Chef Aarón Sánchez at the Bodega Bites event with Tequila CAZADORES


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