BLUE ICE VODKA Unveils Striking New Packaging!

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Dry Vodka Martini

Blue Ice Vodka, America’s premium handcrafted potato vodka unveils its new packaging that reflects authenticity, simplicity and modernism of the brand. Blue Ice Vodka’s liquid remains true to its original recipe.

While the new packaging has a fresh and modern aesthetic, many of its design elements were inspired by the brand’s heritage. “Blue Ice Vodka has always been a premium product with rich history, so we’re thrilled to be debuting a new packaging that invokes a true Made-In-America feel,” said Thomas Gibson, President 21st Century Spirits.

Inspired by pre prohibition-era bottles, the new packaging features:

A simple and smooth exterior

A long neck for pouring ease

A sleek new label featuring the brand’s logo, an inset embossment of Idaho’s state emblem and an inspection seal with the Master Distillery’s initials.

New label copy that notes the product is gluten-free and provides information about the ingredients and quality process

Embossed font around the base that states Blue Ice Vodka is produced in Rigby, Idaho

Made in the Idaho Russet region, one of the richest areas for potato crops, with pristine water sourced from the Grand Trenton Mountains, Blue Ice is one of the purest American-made spirits available. Handcrafted in the same place its potatoes are grown, Blue Ice Vodka uses nearly ten pounds of potatoes per bottle, giving tastemakers a creamy mouth feel with no burn. Blue Ice Vodka is the highest rated American Vodka with a score of 98 points out of 100.

Just in time for Independence Day, Blue Ice Vodka’s new bottles will be distributed nationwide in June 2017.

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Blue Ice Dry Vodka Martini

3 oz Blue Ice Vodka
1 oz Dry Vermouth

Combine vodka and dry vermouth in a cocktail mixing glass.

Fill with ice and stir until chilled. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

Garnish with about 3 olives on a toothpick.


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