GREY GOOSE Halloween Cocktails with La Maison Gothique

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Designed to be a worthy treat for adults this HALLOWEEN – try sophisticated cocktails from GREY GOOSE vodka.

This Halloween, GREY GOOSE breathes life into classic French Gothic horror with La Maison Gothique. Celebrate a night of elegant darkness and unexpected encounters with GREY GOOSE La Masion Gothique seasonal and savory cocktails that are simple yet impressive Halloween cocktails for at home entertaining.

These concoctions use the flavors of the season for an on-trend cocktail, like the L’ORANGE ENCHANTE, made with spicy pumpkin puree.

Each recipe is as festive and photogenic as it is delicious – these Instagram-worthy cocktails like the GREY GOOSE DIABOLIQUE will be sure to impress. Leave the candy for the kids, these elevated cocktails are the perfect spooky treat for adults.




GREY GOOSE Diabolique
GREY GOOSE Diabolique

· 1.5 part GREY GOOSE Le Citron
· 1/3 part Cointreau
· 1/3 part Fresh Pineapple Juice
· ¾ part Fresh Lemon Juice
· ½ part Crème de Mure
· Build all the ingredients apart from the Crème de Mure in a mixing glass. Top with cubed ice and shake. Fine strain into a highball glass, then add a cap of crushed ice. Drizzle with Crème de Mure and garnish with a pineapple slice and mint.


GREY GOOSE L'Orange Enchante
GREY GOOSE L’Orange Enchante

· 1.5 part GREY GOOSE L’Orange
· ¾ part Spicy Pumpkin Puree (click here for reference)
· 3 part Lemonade
· Build all the ingredients with ice in a mixing glass and shake. Strain over fresh ice and garnish with a pinch of pumpkin spice and a burnt orange.


GREY GOOSE Masquerade
GREY GOOSE Masquerade

· 1 part GREY GOOSE vodka
· 1/3 part B&B Liqueur
· 1.5 part Blood Orange Juice
· 1.5 part Pomegranate Juice
· Build all the ingredients with ice in a mixing glass and shake. Strain over fresh ice, garnish with fresh oregano.


GREY GOOSE Bloody Mary Pitcher
GREY GOOSE Bloody Mary Pitcher

· 20 parts GREY GOOSE vodka

· 32 parts Tomato Juice

· 1 part Lime Juice

· 1 part Lemon Juice

· 5 tsp Tabasco

· 2 tbs Horseradish

· 1 tbs Worcestershire Sauce

· 1 tsp Celery Salt

· 1 tsp Black Pepper

· ½ tsp Salt

· 1 tsp Smoked Paprika

· 1 Lime Wedge
· In a pitcher with a tight-fitting lid, combine all ingredients except GREY GOOSE vodka. Close the pitcher and shake well. Rub the lemon or lime wedge around the rim of each highball glass and then roll glass in remaining celery salt. Fill each glass with ice cubes, fill 1/3 with GREY GOOSE vodka and top off with the Bloody Mary mix. Garnish with long celery stalk, long cucumber slice and lime wedge. Serves 10.


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