The “ST. GERMAIN BIKETENDER” Pedals Into NYC To Bring ‘Aperitif Hour’ Directly To YOU!

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St. Germain Biketender
St. Germain Biketender

This Thursday (TODAY!) – Saturday (September 26), St-Germain and the popular delivery platform Minibar is launching a first-of-its-kind, on-demand cocktail service in NYC called “ST-GERMAIN BIKETENDER,” which aims to bring the “aperitif hour” directly to your home or office.

After a hugely successful reception in Seattle this past summer, local businesses and residents in Manhattan and Brooklyn will now be able to request their very own “Biketender” via Minibar: an acclaimed mixologist from one of the city’s best craft cocktail lounges who will peddle their way to your work place or home and meticulously prepare custom carafes of the signature St-Germain Cocktail on the spot. Starting today, you can pre-book one of the top barkeeps who are participating in the program, who include Hugo Depute of Experimental Cocktail Club, Eyan Guyton of Daniel and Gabriel Rieben of The Garrett. At $33 per order, one of these masters will drop off a carafe large enough to serve five (at a cost of $6.60 per drink), show you how to prep the cocktails, serve you all happy-hour style, and then leave each of you with your own custom St-Germain carafe to recreate future high-end mixology experiences in your own home.


In honor of St-Germain’s “Vive the Daylife” philosophy of pausing in our accelerated culture, the “Biketender” cocktail experience offers consumers an opportunity to slow down, celebrate, and connect with the world around us. Those who order the cocktail service are given the exclusive opportunity to order a St-Germain Carafe (which comes with its very own mixologist) to help craft signature St-Germain cocktails on the spot to toast, share and savor moments with close friends, colleagues, and family during the daytime.

WHEN: The St-Germain Biketender experience will be available for pre-order in limited quantities beginning Monday, September 21. Delivery windows are Thursday, September 24 – Friday, September 25, between 2pm – 6pm ET; and Saturday, September 26, between 11am – 6pm ET.

WHERE: South of 96th street in Manhattan and throughout Brooklyn neighborhoods.

HOW: Order your Biketender now at or via the Minibar App (LINK HERE)

COST: $33.00 Flat Rate


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