Pacha’s Kick Off to Summer w. Reality TV’s Sexiest Stars hosted by LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur

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New York – On Saturday night, Teen Mom star Farrah Abrahams celebrated her 23rd Birthday and offered a sneak peek into her new e-book trilogy, at Pacha’s Kick Off to Summer with Reality TV’s Sexiest Stars hosted by LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur. Farrah was spotted sipping LeSUTRA cocktails all evening while dancing with friends and fans…

Pacha's Kick Off to Summer w. Reality TV's Sexiest Stars hosted by LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur
Pacha’s Kick Off to Summer w. Reality TV’s Sexiest Stars hosted by LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur
Pacha’s Kick Off to Summer w. Reality TV’s Sexiest Stars hosted by LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur


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