Sailor Jerry Rum Celebrates Bartender Appreciation Day on December 8th

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New York – Sailor Jerry, the iconic spiced rum, is encouraging everyone to fill their favorite bars across the country on December 8, 2012 in celebration of Bartender Appreciation Day, stuffing tip jars in support of the hardworking professionals behind the bar. The unofficial holiday was established in 2011 as the centerpiece of Sailor Jerry’s year-round effort to support bartenders and have them recognized for their dedication and their vital role in society.

“Bartenders play a multidimensional role every night; celebrating with one customer, commiserating with another while expertly crafting hundreds of cocktails and dispensing advice on a thousand topics,” said Ken Reilly, Category Marketing Director for William Grant & Sons, Inc. “Sailor Jerry urges everyone to celebrate Bartender Appreciation Day by getting together with friends and visiting their usual bars to honor their favorite bartenders.

Those that want to join Sailor Jerry in recognizing these underappreciated professionals can visit to download a toolkit of printable campaign materials to share with friends and bartenders. The materials include a manifesto for the establishment of Bartender Appreciation Day as a recognized holiday along with a petition to be hung alongside it for patrons to sign, a poster and flyer for supporters to put up as a reminder of the day as well as a toast to be read aloud before clinking glasses and leaving a hefty tip:

Here’s to the men and women who give up their late nights out, so we can have ours. Who make our drinks, pour our shots, and give us our nightly meal of nuts and pretzels. We honor their hard work and their unwavering patience. Without them, we would be out on the street or even worse, stuck at home. We raise our glass in solidarity.

Made the old-school way, Sailor Jerry Rum is the perfect addition to any cocktail or better yet, enjoyed on its own. Delivering hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, caramel and vanilla, it’s a no-nonsense rum that’s both bold and smooth as hell.

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