CRAVE Chocolate Liqueur Holiday Cocktails

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New luscious chocolate liqueur, John DeKuyper & Sons™ Crave, launched this fall just in time for the holiday entertaining season!

Available in three unique flavors, Chocolate Cherry (sweet), Chocolate Mint (cool) and Chocolate Chili (spicy), each one balances chocolate and natural flavors for a truly decadent tasting experience. Each can be served straight or mixed into a cocktail like the Cherry Macaroon MartiniLuscious Mint Russian or Grown-Up Chili Hot Chocolate.

It’s the perfect spirit to add to your next get-together with friends or even enjoy by yourself on a cool winter night!



Crave Cherry Macaroon Martini

Crave Cherry Macaroon Martini


1 part JDK & Sons™ Crave Chocolate Cherry Liqueur

1 part Cruzan® Coconut Rum

Splash of Soda


1. Combine all all ingredients (except soda) in a mixing glass over ice and shake

2. Strain into a martini glass and top with a splash of soda

3. Garnish with a Maraschino cherry


Luscious Mint Russian

Luscious Mint Russian


1 part JDK & Sons™ Crave Chocolate Mint Liqueur

1 part EFFEN® Vodka

Milk or Half & Half (optional)


1. Build ingredients over ice in an old fashioned glass

2. Add a splash of milk (or half & half to make it even more luscious)


Grown-Up Chili Hot Chocolate

Grown Up Chili Hot Chocolate


2-­3 parts JDK & Sons™ Crave Chocolate Chili Liqueur

Hot Chocolate


1. Pour liqueur in a warmed coffee mug and add hot chocolate to taste

2. Top with whipped cream


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