DavidBartonGym Celebrates 20 Years and Diane’s Day in NYC

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DavidBartonGym Celebrates 20 Years and Diane’s Day in NYC – photo by Seth Browarnik/WorldRedEye

New York – On Thursday, September 20th, iconic gym owner David Barton celebrated the 20th anniversary of DavidBartonGym with New York party icon Susanne Bartsch and hundreds of their closest friends at Copacabana in NYC.

The stylish crowd, who have all supported Barton since the beginning of his empire in 1992, experienced a wild night of musical performances by Amanda Lepore, Joey Arias, JbDubs and Kayvon & The Zand Collective. Barton, in Velodyne headphones, closed down the party with an epic performance on the drums with his band Liquid Blonde. Guests were treated to specialty low calorie cocktails by Voli Vodka.

The night also toasted the third annual ovarian cancer fundraising initiative Diane’s Day, in honor of Barton’s sister Diane Barton. Barton dedicated the entire day at all of his gyms nationwide to raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and the Clearity Foundation.

Perez Hilton, DavidBartonGym Celebrates 20 Years and Diane’s Day in NYC – photo by Seth Browarnik/WorldRedEye
DavidBartonGym Celebrates 20 Years and Diane’s Day in NYC – photo by Seth Browarnik/WorldRedEye









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