GREY GOOSE at Trina Turk BBQ and Style Saves Runway Show at Soho Beach House

Picture 2
Noelle Lynch, Joanna Leonard, Jamie Crandall, Ashley Revollo, Helen Le Van, & Amber Lawson – Trina Turk BBQ & Style Saves Runway Show at Soho Beach House

Miami, FL – On Thursday night, GREY GOOSE kept guests tipsy at the Trina Turk BBQ and Style Saves Runway Show at the Soho Beach House in South Beach. To celebrate Style Saves’ 1 Year Anniversary, co-chairs Rachael Russell and Ashley Spitz invited over 400 of Miami’s most recognized, influential, and fashionable faces to gather in support of Style Saves’ mission to “build confidence through clothes and give a fresh start through fashion” to local underprivileged students in South Beach, Florida. The event raised nearly $40,000 for Style Saves, doubling last year’s efforts.

The exclusive Style Saves fashion show was held in conjunction with Miami Swim Week as it featured runway looks by Trina Turk, Papi Swimwear, Atrium, and iShine365. Each look was personally styled by celebrity fashion stylist and Style Saves’ founder, Rachael Russell, who ambitiously put forth a display of almost 80 different looks!

Russell also encouraged the runway debut of Tortoise & Blonde eyewear, That Madonna Girl floral halos, and C. Madeleine’s vintage jewelry, whose accessories completed each look.

Guests enjoyed the ‘GREY GOOSE L’Orange South Beach Punch‘ throughout the evening while taking in the fashion show.

Notable guests included film director Michael Bay, celebrity chef Travis London, Gilt Groupe founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, and ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ cast members Joanna Krupa, Marysol Patton, and Alexia Echevarria.

GREY GOOSE L’ Orange South Beach Punch, Trina Turk BBQ & Style Saves Runway Show at Soho Beach House
Trina Turk BBQ & Style Saves Runway Show at Soho Beach House
Trina Turk BBQ & Style Saves Runway Show at Soho Beach House
Trina Turk BBQ & Style Saves Runway Show at Soho Beach House
Marysol Patton & Alexia Echevarria – Trina Turk BBQ & Style Saves Runway Show at Soho Beach House



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