Domingo Zapata’s ‘Life is a Dream’ Exhibit at Dream Downtown

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New York – On Thursday night, Domingo Zapata showcased his ‘Life is a Dream‘ exhibit at the VC Gallery at Vikram Chatwal’s Dream Downtown.

Hayden Christiansen, Lindsay Lohan and Chef Padma Lakshmi, turned up to support Zapata in admiration of his largest piece ever created.

Spotlighted, as guests entered the gallery hung a massive mixed media/collage of acrylics, oils and spray paint depicting a war hero’s plane screaming “I’M COMING HOME, I LOVE YOU BABE, YOU ARE MY DREAM” splashed across canvas and featuring a hidden poem that reads “ I dream that I am here/ Of these imprisonments charged/ and I dreamed that in another state/ happier I saw myself./ What is life? A frenzy./ What is life? An illusion,/ A Shadow, A fiction,/ And the greatest profit is small;/ For all of life is a dream,/ and dreams, are nothing but dreams.”

Christiansen, often not a part of the art scene, came to show support for Zapata’s most famous collections, becoming yet another dedicated fan. Lohan’s support of both Zapata and the new VC Gallery was apparent as she arrived to the event displaying great enthusiasm and admiration for this highly anticipated show.

Hundreds of art fans turned out to see these rare pieces of Zapata’s various well-known collections and to catch a sneak preview of his newest series, which many are eager to view at his next show.



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