Joico’s ‘On the Go Beauty’ Mother’s Day Event Co-Sponsored by Voli Vodka in Beverly Hills

Screen Shot 2012-05-13 at 1.32.21 PM
Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson, Ben's mother Barbara, and sister, Julia sipping on Voli Vodka specialty cocktails at Joico's On the Go Beauty Mother's Day Event Co-Sponsored by Voli Vodka at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills

On Saturday afternoon, guests arrived to the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills for an afternoon brunch and day of beauty at the 4th Annual On the Go Beauty event sponsored by Joico Haircare and Voli Light Vodka to celebrate all the women and dedicated mother’s in Los Angeles.

Celebrities and their mothers were given the opportunity to experience new spa treatments, “on the go beauty” products, and more, while brunching at one of Hollywood’s most extravagant beauty events for mom’s.

Guests enjoyed a Bloody Mary bar while noshing on frittatas, waffle bites, grilled cheese, and desserts provided by Sweet Lollicakes and Swurlz Cupcakes. Children played in a kids corner sponsored by Cuddle covers, while mother’s got made up by celebrity stylists like Hunger Games’s colorist Cherry Petenbrink, Andy Lecompte’s George Papanikolas, and Gavert Atelier’s Mika Fowler. Other women enjoyed getting their makeup and nails done by NYX Cosmetics. Mother and daughter duos sipped on Serenitea drinks while getting their birthstones picked out to make charmed bracelets by Blessed Charms.

@lisarinna Amelia gray and I leaving the Thompson hotel #onthegobeauty event!

@CLMazza Happy mothers day to all of you amazing mothers….

@BenFlajnik Happy mothers day everyone!

@ashlangorse Getting styled by @georgepapanikol at onthegobeauty event. #pantlessparty!! Haha thx @joico

The Bachelor’s Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson arrived with Ben’s mother, Barbara and sister Julia. Courtney’s mother couldn’t make it. They darted for the Voli Light Vodka bar upon arrival. Once asked if they would like tea or an alcoholic beverage – all replied with alcohol please! Ben and Courtney chatted with E! Entertainment’s Ashlan Gorse over spicy Bloody Mary’s.

– spotted Ben and Courtney by the bar ordering their Voli cocktails before their afternoon of pampering.

Ashlan Gorse at Joico's On the Go Beauty Mother's Day Event Co-Sponsored by Voli Vodka at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills
Voli Vodka Bloody Mary Bar at Joico's On the Go Beauty Mother's Day Event Co-Sponsored by Voli Vodka at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills

Lisa Rinna arrived with daughter Amelia Grey who is almost 11 years old. Amelia arrived with a cast on her right arm. Lisa didn’t leave her side and actually spoke of how she was so sad that she is growing up so fast! They came to Joico’s On The Go Beauty and enjoyed the Cuddle Covers lounge, and made mother daughter bracelets at Blessed Charms.

Lisa Rinna and daughter, Amelia Grey at Joico's On the Go Beauty Mother's Day Event Co-Sponsored by Voli Vodka at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills

Taylor Armstrong arrived with her beautiful daughter Kennedy Caroline. Taylor didn’t drink or eat at the party, but only sat down to meet Joico’s Hunger Games colorist Cherry Petenbrink to get her hair done. Taylor expressed that her focus these days is making sure that Kennedy is happy.

Taylor Armstrong and Joico's Hunger Games colorist Cherry Petenbrink at Joico's On the Go Beauty Mother's Day Event Co-Sponsored by Voli Vodka at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills

Meanwhile Mario Lopez’s wife to be, Miss Courtney Mazza, arrived with their daughter, 21 month old baby Gia. Baby Gia arrived in a playful pink tutu and LOVED the Swurlz Cupcakes Cake Pops! Mother Mazza spoke of how she got her sexy figure back, and plan for the December wedding.

Courtney Mazza and daughter Gia at Joico's On the Go Beauty Mother's Day Event Co-Sponsored by Voli Vodka at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills
Courtney Mazza and daughter Gia at Joico's On the Go Beauty Mother's Day Event Co-Sponsored by Voli Vodka at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills

Actress, Estella Warren showed up simply natural, and stopped into Joico’s On The Go Beauty to get the works done with an old friend. Estelle started by getting her hair done by Joico’s celebrity stylist Mika Fowler, and got her nails and makeup done by NYX Cosmetics.

Ben Flajnik got his hair styled by Joico professional Mika Fowler as Lisa Rinna and Ashlan Gorse stopped by to see George Papanikolas.

Lisa Rinna and George Papanikolas at Joico's On the Go Beauty Mother's Day Event Co-Sponsored by Voli Vodka at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills
Joico's On the Go Beauty Mother's Day Event Co-Sponsored by Voli Vodka at the Thompson Hotel Beverly Hills







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