Spice up your weekly TV watching with the Modern Old-Fashioned Cocktail!

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Fall television has gone RETRO, and Betty Crocker knows how to celebrate!

With old shows making a comeback such as Charlie’s Angels (9/22 premiere) and Hawaii 5-O (9/19 premiere – tonight!), to new ones Pan Am (9/25 premiere) and Playboy Club (9/19 premiere – tonight!), these modern twists on old-fashioned tv shows are all over the fall TV line-up.  As the fall television season begins, Betty Crocker is offering some fun new recipes to make and enjoy while you are watching!

Check out the recipe below for the Modern Old-Fashioned Cocktail from Fan Farethe new collection of recipes and viewing party ideas from Betty Crocker.

The 60’s are back this fall – but re-imagined in a whole new light.  These glamorous dramas bring mod men and women to life on the small screen, capturing the cocktails, fashions, and flirtations of the “jet age.”  This modern take on an old-fashioned cocktail infuses the flavors of peach, citrus, and maple syrup into the classic bourbon drink.  Finish it off with a single, large ice cube to give it a modern twist that’s perfect for a dimly-lit bar or just kicking back on the sofa.

Spice up your weekly television watching with an alcoholic twist…#StayTipsy

Photo credit:  Betty Crocker


1 extra-large ice cube or standard ice cubes*

Fresh orange slice

Fresh lemon slice

1/4 of a fresh ripe peach, coarsely chopped

1 tablespoon pure maple syrup

Standard ice cubes

4 tablespoons (2 oz) bourbon

2 dashes aromatic bitters

Fresh peach slice


Add extra-large ice cube to lowball or rocks glass.

Muddle orange slice, lemon slice, chopped peach and maple syrup in cocktail shaker until fruit is broken up.

Add standard ice cubes, bourbon and bitters to shaker; shake and strain into glass.

Garnish with peach slice.

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