Hollywood remembers 9/11

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Joan Rivers: September 11 is a difficult day for us all. My thoughts are with the families of the many victims, and my hope is for a safer tomorrow.

P. Diddy: God bless all who affected by 9-11

Justin Bieber: As a Canadian we too remember 9-11. I was just a kid and remember it well. Today we honor the memory of those lost and move forward together.

Nicki Minaj: Sending my love to the victims of 9/11. Remembering the heroism. The brave men and women. The troops. We become alive in the time of fear.

Jason Derulo: We mourn, but through unity we always defeat hatred! #GodBlessAmerica

Kelly Osbourne: Please take time to remember the people we lost on 9/11 & thank the brave police, firemen, and civilians for building this city back up again.

Bethenny Frankel: Never Forget

Jack Osbourne: I hope everyone has time to stop and think about what today truly means. My thoughts and prayer are with all the families of 9/11.

LaLa Vazquez: On this day, 9/11, we remember, we reflect, & we pray. May God bless those who have lost someone. May God bless the heroes. May God bless us all.

FloRida: Today my heart goes out to the families of the 9/11 victims. Let us all count our blessings, as every moment in a day is precious.

Kim Kardashian: My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families affected by the awful tragedy of 9/11.

Lil Wayne: Remembering those we lost on this unforgettable day. God bless their families and may their souls rest in peace.

Alicia Keys: Today on 9/11 we take pause to honor and remember the loss. Let us also connect and hold the loves that heals and unites us!

Ramona Ringer: My heart goes out to all of those who lost loved ones ten years ago. A thank you to all of our heroes. We will never forget. Stay strong and stay safe.

Solange Knowles: September 11. May God bless those who have loss. May God bless the heroes. May God bless us all.

Wyclef Jean: To all my 9 1 1 victims. Your soul lives beyond the heavens. You will live forever in our hearts. One love.

Will I Am: I am sending love to the world so no hate, fear, pain, or distortion happens. Remember 9/11.

Kirstie Alley: So many heroes to remember. The ones who died and the ones who fought to save them and those who fight daily to ensure our freedom.

Kourtney Kardashian: Thinking about all the lives affected by this tragic day ten years ago. I don’t think anyone will forget who told them and where they were.

Samantha Ronson: Words can’t properly express the thanks we owe to all those who have risked and lost lives and the families who have made it possible.

Sean Kingston: The day we can’t forget: September 11, 2011


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