Designers of New York Fashion Week remember 9/11

Screen Shot 2011-09-11 at 1.01.38 PM

The designers of New York Fashion Week in remembrance of September 11, 2001…

@VeraWangGang – Thinking of those we lost 10 years ago on 9/11. Never forget. xxVera

@MichaelKors – On the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, we remember:

@dkny –  Today’s press kits on the seats starts with the most important message of the day #DKNYShow

@DVF – SAD day…but we must go on, celebrating love. hope and life! love Diane

@RebeccaMinkoff – My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones on this sad anniversary. Best wishes to all…

@PerryEllis – Our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones #10years #September11

@ToryBurch – Heartbreaking. In rememberance #911day

@ElieTahari – 10 years have passed, but the memory of our loved ones and our commitment to justice have only grown stronger each day. God bless America.

@MarcJacobsIntl – Our thoughts and prayers to our family, friends, NYPD, FDNY, and all others we lost ten years ago today. xx Marc, Robert, and MJ Intl.

@Tracy_Reese – Proud to support @action_america with the CFDA by honoring 9/11 through positive action. Donate to support the cause.








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