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Ibiza isn’t just known for its crazy party scene or it’s amazing beaches. It has a little more substance. Maybe.

The 4th Annual International Music Summit came back to Ibiza this past May 2011 for what was anticipated to be the most exciting year yet for the world’s leading electronic music conference.

For all of you W Hotel enthusiasts, the day has come. W Hotels Worldwide debuted their global iPhone Application at the IMS. Dun dun dun!

Now cut to Los Angeles, to the W Hotel in Westwood, where the W Hotel hosted a party to launch the application in conjunction with burn Energy Drink.


W Hotels iPhone App Launch, W Hotel, Westwood

This application does everything under the sun, just short of cooking you dinner and cleaning your home. It is free on iTunes for all to enjoy.

Lets start with the basics. It does the usual, such as finding W properties and then allowing you to book them right from your iPhone. The app can tell you the local weather and also give you directions.


W Hotels iPhone App Launch, W Hotel, Westwood

Now lets get to the fun stuff…

Stuck in bed in one of the W’s elegant hotel rooms? Don’t worry, we all understand. Look no further than your nightstand. Pick up your iPhone and order room service right from the app.

Not looking for food, but need ANYTHING else from the hotel, just tap the ‘I NEED’ button and poof whatever you need will be at your door. A cosmo for you and your ‘friend’, more towels, new sheets, or maybe another pillow? Done! It’s like having your own little genie.

Are you always on the outside looking in and wishing you could take part in some of the ongoing events at the W hotels…well don’t fret. With the iPhone application ‘W Insider’ section, you can find out about special events and exclusive ‘W’ happenings at each destination. It will notify you when special offers are available at any of the hotels locations as well.

One of the niftiest features of the application is its integrated music platform. Feel like tuning everyone out,  then plug-in your headphones and boom, music right to your ears. This exclusive music platform will bring  you music from up and coming artists and also has the ability to curate music and send you the newest DJ  mixes.

The app will allow the W to connect with their audience on a different level and extend the brand into  different lifestyles around the globe. Being the first of its kind for hotels, I’m sure more will hop on the  bandwagon soon enough.






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