Tipsy’s Rules on “when to hit the ground running”


Leslie Mann: “Never date a guy named Dan because Dan rhymes with man and men jerkoff and he was a jerkoff.”

If only it was that simple…

Not so sure if he’s the real deal, or just another master of deception, well here are few things the girls at Tipsy have picked up….

We are far from love gurus, let alone habitual long-term daters. That being said, we would like to stress the importance of wasting precious time. We see too many of our friends spend months and even years with guys that are just CLOWNS! Red nose and all. It’s a shame to see these girls spend so much of their time with such losers. This little tribute to them and many alike is to help girls realize that this is the PRIME of your life and you will never be more desirable then you are today!  So here’s our little list of clues to look for while spending time with the one you think could be the cream in your coffee.

Tipsy’s Hints on when to start “heading for the hills.”

1. 1st week of dating, he talks about the money he makes or the car he drives… just another “LA D-bag.”

2. If he ever brings up the girls he’s been with before, without you even asking.

3. Rockin the heavy jewelry… A “look at me!” guy is always hell.

4. Asks you to come to an open house with him. (ha yeah they really do that)

5. A very big one for us is if the guy has the inability to simply just say the words “I don’t know.” If he always has an answer for any question asked, then believe us, he’s not too bright, but works hard to portray that he is.

6. If he’s very concerned about what you do when you’re away from him. Over time as you both grow more attached, it’s only going to get worse.

7. Self-esteem is a big one. This kind of ties in with #6. Though we’ve had many great boyfriends with not much of self-esteem, it usually just leads to them always needing to prove something and never being too trusting.

8. Tempers are never good and quite annoying.

9. Might just be me. I’m getting mixed responses, but I personally like a guy that can admit feminine things that he’s partial to. If the guy can admit “Friends” was at least a decent T.V. show, because you’ll never get it out of him, or that “Titanic” was a masterpiece of a feature film, then he’s good in my book.

10. Also another preference, but we like guys with dreams. We find it to be a more valuable relationship when both parties have specific goals in mind that bring a healthy motivation to the table. Personally again I prefer a guy that is working hard for what he wants as opposed to the guy that has already made it. Accomplished guys usually either just expects you to take a backseat to his career and belittles your dreams, or just expects you to do the wifey thing.

11. If he buys you things and has a tendency to bring them up when anything doesn’t go his way. Urghhhh this drives me Apples and Banay-nays! Truth of the matter is, the more he buys you, the more he feels like he owns you. If this is the case, chuck the shoes and handbags at his face and tell him to kick rocks.

12. Mother of all rules: If he EVER tells you, you are anything less then beautiful, even when you know you’re not looking your best.

Of course our ranting abilities can keep this list going on for days, but instead of tiring your eyes, those are the major things we look for. It’s normal to feel like you can look past these seemingly unimportant things at first, but really, it’s going to eat at you alive when the D-baggyness continues, which is followed by an annoying, emotional break up, which equals a big waste of time.  Also don’t be afraid to make him work for it. If you make it too easy for him, he’ll bore real soon and move onto something more challenging or maybe after 2 weeks of a perfect romance, he will all of a sudden become completely unreachable during the day, and then only establishes forms of communication at 2 A.M. or later, all just to hide you from some Victoria Secret model the pricks been posting up in Malibu on the side, which in turn, he is hiding from his wife on the hill….I hear that happens a lot…




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