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Exactly what Memorial Day is for; no work on a hot day, poolside with your friends, and enough booze to drown an elephant. If you’re the type that likes to be where the party’s at, poolside at the Roosevelt is the place to be.

Lounging around, catching some rays, head first in some mojitos, something caught my eye. It was the sweetest lemonade stand this side of the Mississippi. I just had to investigate.

Watch out lemonade-stand entrepreneurs; that goes for you too Bethenny Frankel, this guy is coming for you. The happy lil’ tyke mixing up a storm behind the ‘bar’ is Chris Hewes. Chris set up shop by the pool so he could introduce his new creation; Honey Leaf Syrups, under his company C.B. Hewes & Co. With the sudden popularity of low calorie alcohol, as witnessed by the craze for Skinny Girl Margaritas, Chris found an opportunity. After hearing over and over again from customers that the syrups added to cocktails were too sweet and not very healthy, Chris thought of an idea to create a 0 calorie, 0 carb, low sugar, guilt free, syrup, that could be added to the drinks to get some flavor. Most cocktails fall into two extremes; too strong or too sweet. Honey Leaf Syrups tackle this problem head on. His latest creation is helping you get those drinks down without having to hide that little jerk of the cheek that you know you’re holding back. Now, you might think that this is nothing new, but you heard it here first, HIS IS BETTER. Now let me tell you why…

1. Honey Leaf Syrup doesn’t compromise the integrity of the alcohol. Now this may seem a little intense, but no one wants a syrup that completely takes away from the alcohol in the drink. You don’t step on Jim, Jack, and Jose’s shoes without paying the consequences.

2. Honey Leaf Syrup complements the alcohol. It blends in just enough to make the cocktail actually taste better.

3. Honey Leaf Syrup makes the alcohol a little lighter and easier to take.

4. Honey Leaf Syrup isn’t too sweet as other syrups tend to be.

5. Fresh produce is used in making the syrup. Guaranteed freshness.

6. Lastly, being in Los Angeles, if your body is your moneymaker, no need to cut out the final calories of the day. There’s still room for more after this delight.

Now, not to go all paid programming on ya, but, Honey Leaf Syrups are compromised of Chris’ own aromatic blend of herbs, which will soon be grown on his own piece of land in Topanga Canyon. This will allow him to make his own bitters, grow his own produce to his liking, all on his own land. No more farmer’s market shopping for this guy.

If you don’t like vodka, no worries; his syrups mix well with any alcohol; whiskey, tequila, champagne, rum, etc. You have your choice from a variety of alcohol and soon enough will have your choice of different flavored syrups as well.

If you’ve never met Chris, you can find him creating delicious cocktails at the Library Bar inside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with anything he makes. As they do it in this lounge; just tell the bartenders what tickles your fancy, and they’ll make you something better than you expected.

We are looking forward to seeing Chris and his ‘lemonade stand’ poolside at the Roosevelt all summer long, selling his tasty cocktails made with Honey Leaf Syrup.


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