Virgin Gaming & Maxim E3 Party

DSCN0258 (feature)

An event thrown by Virgin Gaming and Maxim magazine?…Hah, and last night your boyfriend told you he was going to visit his sick granny right? I’m pretty sure every guy there could’ve died last night with a smile.

Coming off of their successful Superbowl party in Dallas, both companies have made their way to Los Angeles to host a party for E3 at Sky Bar, at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset

Both companies are at the forefront of their industry and are taking no prisoners. Virgin Corp. puts the glamour in conglamourate (that was the best I could do so back off). Their soda pops popping, their cell phones aren’t roaming, and if you haven’t flown with them, then you’ve never flown. One of the newest members to the Virgin family, Virgin Gaming, is now one of the premiere online destinations for competitive console gamers. Gamers are given the opportunity to win points, cash, and prizes. So next time your mans doing the “uh-huh…yup…uh-huh, really? wow? uh-huh…whatever you think,” just consider the following; If he actually wins something during his road to carpal tunnel, you have your rights to half…and if he doesn’t give you that, I have a number you can call, ask for Jeff…he’ll take care of it.

Check out some photos from last night’s event…

Virgin Gaming & Maxim E3 Party, Sky Bar, June 7, 2011


VeeV, Bar Host, Virgin Gaming & Maxim E3 Party, Sky Bar, June 7, 2011


Virgin Gaming & Maxim E3 Party, Sky Bar, June 7, 2011


Virgin Gaming & Maxim E3 Party, Sky Bar, June 7, 2011


Virgin Gaming & Maxim E3 Party, Sky Bar, June 7, 2011


Virgin Gaming & Maxim E3 Party, Sky Bar, June 7, 2011





photos by a.s.






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