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JAGERMEISTER Launches NEW Super-Premium Spirit, MANIFEST!

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It’s official! Jägermeister has just launched a new super-premium spirit, Manifest — and the result is incredible. As the first premium line-extension for the brand, Jägermeister Manifest features a distinct flavor profile and production process that separates it from the original Jägermeister we all know and love. Composed of more than 56 botanicals, Manifest is a […]


Hottest Hoagie to Hit Philly, THE JAGERMONSTER – Limited Availability for Super Bowl

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Check out newest Instagram-worthy sandwich that’s about to hit Philadelphia, The JägerMonster — a 30-inch long hoagie filled with Philly’s favorite Super Bowl snacks. The JägerMonster is available at Stockyard Sandwich Co. for preorder until Saturday, February 3rd for $60. What better way to ring in an Eagles win than with an ice kuhl shot of […]


Jimmy Fallon Loves JAGERMEISTER + Pineapple Shots!

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Did you know that Jimmy Fallon happens to be a huge fan of Jägermeister, particularly mixed with pineapple juice? On the most recent episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy and Rosamund Pike took a few swigs of the shot over a rousing game of “Say Anything,” which consists of them taking turns saying random words and […]


Holidays Cocktails with JAGERMEISTER!


The holidays are right around the corner! Shake things up a bit with two Jägermeister recipes! The Jaguar shot serves as a perfect toast to Friendsgiving (or the holidays in general) while the Jagnog is the prefect cocktail for sipping pre or post dinner. Cheers! ____________ JÄGNOG Created by Drexler’s (New York) 1 part Jägermeister 1 […]


Utilizing DRY ICE for the Best Halloween Cocktails


Spruce up your Halloween weekend entertaining or even solo-tipsiness, with DRY ICE! Check out the below DRY ICE crafty cocktails, sure to impress all your friends. Cheers! ____________ Wicked Black Forest Punch Created by Willy Shine, Brand Meister Serves 15ppl 15oz Jägermeister 5oz Kirschwasser 2.5oz velvet falernum 5oz Hibiscus tea syrup agave syrup 5oz Fresh […]


Craft Cocktail Shooter For Your Thanksgiving Eve Celebrations with JAGERMEISTER

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With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there are plenty of occasions to toast with friends and family. Why not try a new craft cocktail shooter created by Jane Danger of Mother of Pearl in the East Village. Jane recommends this shot served warm, adding “It goes well with heartier foods like fatty cheeses, goulash, sausages. […]


Can You Hold Your JAGERMEISTER Better Than Jimmy Fallon?

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Surely you’ve seen the sighting of Jimmy Fallon tripping with a bottle of Jägermeister in hand while at a celebration for the Harvard Lampoon Awards this past weekend. As he’s clearly a fan, check out a few fall recipes inspired by his weekend “trip!” Cheers! __________ Fallon’s Fall Weekend Trip Created by Ivy Mix 1.5.oz Jägermeister 0.5.oz […]


Shaken not Stirred. How Do YOU Enjoy Your Classic Martini?

Dirty Jager

James Bond has secured a place as one of the toughest secret agents in all of our hearts. From near-death experiences to numerous seductions, he always knew how to drink in style. The martini “shaken not stirred” is one of Bond’s most memorable lines and everyone has been stirring for martini’s ever since. Feeling inspired […]



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Check out some LABOR DAY cocktails brought to you by PATRÓN TEQUILA & JAGERMEISTER to keep you tipsy all weekend long! Cheers! __________ The “Roca como Flor” By Jaren Rivas, Fink Table & Tap (Miami) 2 oz Roca Patrón Silver 1 oz Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice 1 oz Hibiscus & Tea Syrup Soda Water Shake and strain […]


BMF Media & SiriusXM 808 Music Lounge at W South Beach During WMC with JAGERMEISTER

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Miami – BMF Media hosted “Day 3” of the adrenaline-filled 808 Music Lounge curated by SiriusXM at W South Beach on Friday, March 27, during Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference 2015. Notable attendees include hip hop artist Flo Rida, DJs Kaskade, David Guetta, and A-Trak, MTV reporter and rapper Sway Calloway, ​along with the cast of […]