Shaken not Stirred. How Do YOU Enjoy Your Classic Martini?

Dirty Jager
Dirty Jager
Dirty Jager

James Bond has secured a place as one of the toughest secret agents in all of our hearts. From near-death experiences to numerous seductions, he always knew how to drink in style. The martini “shaken not stirred” is one of Bond’s most memorable lines and everyone has been stirring for martini’s ever since.

Feeling inspired after catching the latest Bond film? Spice up your evening with a twist on this classic.



Dirty Jäger

2 Barspoons Jägermeister
1 1/2 parts Sipsmith®
1/2 part Dolin® Dry Vermouth
2 Lemon Zest
2 Barspoons Olive Brine

Stir all the ingredients with one zest on ice in a mixing glass, strain into a cold coupe. Garnish with an olive and remaining lemon zest


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