CHAMBORD Partners with Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown in Celebration of Pride Month

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Karamo Brown

Pride 2022 is just weeks away, and in celebration of the month that champions diversity, premium Black Raspberry liqueur brand, Chambord is excited to announce its recent partnership with Queer Eye culture expert, philanthropist, author and actor, Karamo Brown

A member of Queer Eye’s Fab Five, Karamo has majorly impacted members of the LQBTQ+ community and has become a positive role model for the younger generation. To kick off Pride month, he’s sharing his favorite, easy-to-make, Chambord cocktail recipe to shake up at home – the ‘Mwah-Tini!’



Karamo Brown’s Mwah-Tini


1/2 part Chambord 

3/4 part Finlandia Vodka 

1 part Passionfruit Juice  

1/4 part Lime Juice 

1/4 part Sugar Syrup 

Garnish with a slice of passionfruit 

Served with a shot of prosecco

Method: Shake and strain into glass. Top with Prosecco. 

Glass: Martini 


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