5 Must-See Attractions When Visiting Florida

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Florida is situated in the southeasternmost state of America. The Atlantic Ocean encases one side of the region, while the Gulf of Mexico encases the other. As a result, Florida is home to hundreds of miles of beaches. And it’s these breathtaking beaches that lure in hoards of travelers year after year. 

Florida is an excellent choice of destination, whether you are traveling as a family, a couple, or an adventurous solo vacationer. Because the region is widely considered a rewarding tourism hotspot, it’s also relatively straightforward to find hotels in the area to suit your budget. Destin Florida Hotels and Destin Harbor Boardwalk Hotels are available for just about every kind of budget. 

With that said, once you’ve found a hotel that matches your vacation budget, here are some top-rated Florida experiences to add to your itinerary. 

Experience Walt Disney World

There are so many reasons to plan a visit to Walt Disney World if you’ll be planning a vacation in Florida. The amusement park is a pretty magical place, even if you’re traveling solo. 

The magic of Disney is a great experience to add to your itinerary as there are countless fun things to do here, from water parks to exotic animals and even Disney Hollywood Studios. 

Visit The Kennedy Space Center 

Suppose you have even a vague interest in space and the strides mankind has made in getting there over the past several decades. In that case, a trip to the Kennedy Space Center is an absolute must. 

Here, you can see intricate rockets, meet astronauts, see the Space Shuttle Atlanta, and learn all about space missions. 

A Trip To Universal Studios 

Universal Studios is located in Orlando, Florida. And it offers tourists an incredible experience. Universal Studios is a massive amusement park with several types of rides, recreated sets of popular films and shows, and some consider it even better than a trip to Walt Disney World. 

But with that said, Universal Studios is more suitable for solo travelers, couples, and families traveling with older children or teenagers. Unfortunately, this particular amusement park is not the best choice for families traveling with younger children. 

Miami Beach 

Of course, a visit to Florida is not complete without a trip to Miami Beach, one of the most glamorized beachfront in the world. Here, you can unwind, enjoy the breathtaking seafront horizon, and try some iconic cuisine. 

Visit The Everglades National Park 

Everglades National Park makes up 1.5 million acres of marsh and swamp, protecting vast ecosystems and wildlife. The park is a broad and shallow river flowing from Lake Okeechobee down to the Bay of Florida. 

While visiting the park, you can opt for airboat rides to get an authentic experience of the alligators and other wildlife occupying the preserved land. 

When planning a vacation adventure in Florida, it’s imperative to pack appropriately. There are several essentials you will need to bring along. And these include things like sunscreen, a first-aid kit, a beach bag, and others. But with that said, there are so many informative beach travel guides that will give you a clear idea of how to pack and prepare for the trip.


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