Beach Travel Guide: What to Bring

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At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.” – Sandy Gingras

No matter how much you avoid it, rising temperatures and the shining sun make us pack our bags for the beach holidays. And why not when you have so much to do on the beach? Moreover, will this help you beat the heat of summer and add some fun moments to your life? 

People often ask what’s so special about beach holidays. Well, only a beach lover can tell you the ultimate fun of sensing salt in the atmosphere while walking on the beachside. Besides, working as a perfect summer vacation destination, it’s a fantastic way to keep up with your ‘Vitamin Sea’ dosage. 

When talking about beach holidays, people often complain about the convenience and amenities they miss having on the beach. Although it won’t make you enjoy your beach view anything less, adding comfort to your family beach trip can be something else. All you have to do is carry a few essentials, and you are done. 

Have no idea about what to carry? Relax and surf through these options to brace yourself for your next beach holiday. After all, the summer is not over yet! 

Necessity no. 1 – First-Aid Box

Slipping or falling over the steaming hot sand can end up in harsh skin rashes. If not this, your passionate volleyball game can be a reason for a painful wound. No matter what it is, make sure to carry a handy first aid kit to treat cuts, bruises, and scrapes timely. Therefore, quick dressing requires clean water to make sure you have ample bottles of clean water to rinse off the wound or cuts. 

Necessity no. 2 – Sunscreen

We are sure you must have been keeping this in your backpack list already but then consider it as a reminder. Excessive sun exposure can end up in skin-related problems, tanning, and most importantly, skin cancer too. Remember that you come back home with seashells, not only sunburns. Moreover, if you visit the beach with the naughty toddlers in your family, you must be extra conscious about your skincare regime.

Regardless of complexion or skin type, make sure you carry a quality sunscreen lotion and apply it before leaving your home. Besides sunscreen, you can have a quality lip balm that keeps your lips hydrated and moist. 

Necessity no. 3 – Snacks

However, it’s common to see a beach-side restaurant or food hub, but it’s good you keep something in your bag to munch for the safer side. Plus, it will help you keep up your healthy diet regime as well. Count it as an essential thing, especially if you are stepping out with your kids. Otherwise, their hunger pangs may ruin your fun of sunbathing. 

Necessity no. 4 – Beach towels  

Most beach lovers think that carrying one beach towel will be enough. We recommend coming out of this misconception as it can lead you to face many issues at the beach. Beach towels, when blended with the sand, can end up sticking disease and insects. Therefore, make sure to buy beach towels made with sustainable fabric, amazing in fast-drying, and lightweight. Go for towels made with eco-friendly, recycled cotton, hemp, and organic cotton elements. This is the best approach to experience luxury at the beach while enjoying quick drying. 

Necessity no. 5 – A Beach Bag 

Women find many excuses to buy new bags. Well, here we are to give you another solid reason to buy a new one. Keep your beach bag separate from the regular ones. It’s essential to keep all necessities in one place while giving you several happening bag options to carry along. However, it is advisable to get a lightweight beach bag but at the same time, make sure it is sturdy enough to carry all your belongings effectively. 

Necessity no. 6 – Ziplock Bags or Pouches 

This is a full-proof solution to your many beach-time hassles. No one would ever like to deal with wet clothes after a fantastic sunbath time. Thus, it’s a good idea to carry ample ziplock bags or pouches to separate the dry and wet clothes in one bag. This is the best way to remain organized and clean throughout the day at the beach. So, buy enough ziplock bags, segregate your belongings, and have a stress-free beach time. 

Necessity no. 7 – Sunglasses 

Wearing your striking pair of sunglasses on the beach is not just a style statement but something necessary to preserve your eyes. It may interest you to know that harmful UV rays can be a significant reason for eye damage. It damages the eye vision, making it difficult for the retina to picture the objects. Therefore, it’s advisable to carry and wear sunglasses while you are enjoying your happy times on the beach. 

Necessity no. 8 – Sanitizers and Disinfectants 

Now when we have adjusted ourselves to the never-ending impact of COVID-19, it’s good to carry enough sanitizers, wet wipes, and disinfectants. Ensure to disinfect anything you touch on the beach as it is a public place welcoming millions of people throughout the summer season. 

Necessity no. 9 – Feminine Hygiene Products 

Unarguably, sometimes periods come without prior notification. Thus, you need to carry some sanitary napkins or tampons along with you. Keep it, and let’s not let periods stop you from enjoying your beach time anyhow. If you feel you would need something to soothe your menstrual cramps, carry a bar of dark chocolate and consider it a treat at the beach. 

So, when are you packing your bags again? 

The final line – 

There is no better way to enjoy the summer season than visiting a beach, playing volleyball or frisbee, and relishing your sunbath time. It all becomes super fun when you intact your beach outing plan with some bare essentials. It’s not a huge task to conquer but something that will keep you up with everything you have wished to have on a beach. 


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