Why You Should Always Have a Bottle of Red Wine Ready

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Red wine is the most popular type of wine for a reason–it’s popular, it’s tasty, and it brings out the best in a meal. But despite this, you might be feeling hesitant about the idea of always having a bottle of red on hand–after all, isn’t that something that only upper-class sophisticates or generations-old Italian families do?

But in fact, red wine is something that any household can (and should!) have on hand. In this article, we’ll break down why red wine should be a staple in every liquor cabinet or wine collection.

Red Wine Appeals to Everyone 

If you are a frequent entertainer, red wine is an excellent choice no matter your guests’ tastes. Though everybody has their personal favorites, even the most basic red has a classic flavor that appeals to everyone–and it certainly isn’t as divisive as types of liquors or beer.

Additionally, a good red wine pairs well with most meals, which means that it’ll appeal to a wide range of palettes and work with whatever your guests’ preferred food is. This means that whether you’re preparing a lavish dinner party or want to spruce up a basic meal with a classy touch, red wine can do the trick. 

Red Wine has a Strong Reputation

It’s an unfortunate truth that white wine has, fairly or unfairly, accrued a stereotype–it’s seen as the drink of housewives, which, for some, can be a turn-off. The same is true of pink wines, whose sweetness has made them associated with young or immature drinkers (again, perhaps inaccurately so).

Red wine, on the other hand, has an immaculate and evergreen connotation. It’s the drink not just of your mom, but of Tony Soprano; nobody looks bad with a glass of red in their hands.

Red wine’s flavor balance backs up this reputation. It’s the perfect beverage when you’re looking for something less strong than liquor but don’t want to deal with the fruitier and sweeter flavors of many white wines. 

Its full-bodied flavor profile strikes a balance between the sharp, biting flavor of liquor and the cloying sweetness of fruity drinks. This means that it has earned a deserved reputation as a drink for everyone. This means that a quality red wine is a stellar choice when enjoying a steak dinner or relaxing in the evening. 

Red Wine is Healthy

In addition, red wine is one of the best choices from a health perspective. Studies have proven that drinking red wine in moderation can be beneficial to your cardiovascular health and overall physical well-being. 

This is especially true for wines with a high amount of tannins, like reds. As a bonus, red wines have fewer calories and sugar than white wines, making them a healthier option for you and your guests.

All of this makes red a dependable choice for your liquor cabinet because you can pull it out without needing to worry about adverse health effects. It’s not a treat to have every once in a while; it’s a beverage that you can pull out quite regularly.

Red Wine Can Be Taken Anywhere

Because red wine doesn’t need to be refrigerated like white and pink wines do, it’s hardy and travels very well–and there’s no need to go through the process of icing it before serving.

This means that it’ll be delicious whether you’re taking it on a ten-hour road trip or are pulling it out of your cabinet at a moment’s notice. 

You Can’t Go Wrong

For all these reasons (and many more, we’re sure), red wine is an invaluable addition to your liquor cabinet—or any cabinet—and will undoubtedly persist as a dependable and delicious option for everyone. The only thing left to do is to make your selection.


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