Should You Be Buying Wine by the Case?

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If you love to entertain and appreciate a decent bottle of wine, you may be trying to decide if it’s time for you to start investing in buying wine by the case. 

There are many reasons why buying wine by the case is a great way to build up your wine collection, especially if you’re looking for high quality white or red wine. Wine by the case is also beneficial if you are a regular host. Read on to learn all about the reasons to buy by the case.

Benefits of Buying Wine by the Case

Buying wine by the case has many benefits. For starters, buying wine in bulk often means that you can get a discount on the cost. 

This is a great perk if you’re interested in collecting high-quality or rare wines, which can often run at a very high price, or if you are regularly hosting events that require large quantities of refreshment. 

Getting wine by the case is also a fantastic idea if you are interested in the aging process of wine. By having a 12 bottle case of one type of wine, you have an opportunity to see how the taste of the wine changes over time. Open one bottle when the case arrives, and then wait a few years to try another one—you’ll be amazed by the difference. 

As an added benefit, buying your wine by the case is a helpful organizational tactic if you are amassing an extensive white wine collection. Having wines by the case allows you to easily track the different bottles and what should be opened when. 

How To Buy Cases of Wine

When looking at which cases of wine to buy, there are few tips and best practices to keep in mind. Wine can be a luxurious and exclusive product, so it’s worth it to be a prepared and informed buyer. 

Best Practices

If you are interested in buying rare and valuable cases of wine, be sure to do your research first. Find a trustworthy vendor and verify the history of the wine and chain of ownership. It’s also worthwhile to check on the condition of the bottles—the last thing you want to do is spend a large amount of money on a case of broken bottles.

Additionally, if you are in the market for costly wine, it may be a good idea to insure your purchase. Since the wine bottles will all be stored in one case in the same location, you are vulnerable to a loss if a natural disaster or accident occurs. 

Mixed Cases

Some vendors offer mixed cases. Getting a variety of wines in one case can allow you to vary your collection and sample different types of wine you’re interested in. If you are curious about mixed cases, the same rule applies to do your research. 

Mixed cases can be tricky, and you may end up getting a case with a couple of great wines but several low-quality bottles bundled in as well. 

To make sure a mixed case is worth the money, take the time to research each bottle included in the case to ensure that they are all wines you would be interested in.

For the entertainers out there, mixed cases can be a great option for events. By getting a mixed case, you will have a great selection of reds, whites, and sparkling wines that will match the varying palettes of your guests. 


Overall, buying cases of wine is a great choice for wine enthusiasts. If you do your research and purchase intentionally, getting wine by the case will help you build up your collection and give you a reputation amongst your friends as a skilled wine connoisseur.


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