Are Ice Luges Sanitary? 5 Ice Luge Sanitary Tips for Party Hosts

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Ice luges and sculptures have now become the go-to centers of attraction for weddings, birthday parties, and even corporate parties. It is almost guaranteed that your guests will be wowed by a custom ice luge NYC at your event; a luge that’s specially designed to suit your personality and theme. The instant chill that their drinks get upon running through an ice luge is fascinating, to say the least. The fun is organic and, quite honestly, the only limitation here is your imagination. 

But then where many people share one ice luge, concerns about sanitary standards have to arise. This article seeks to answer the elephant in the room: Are ice luges sanitary? 

The short answer is yes. Your ice luge will be sanitarily provided that you or the guests do not touch the luge, either by hand or mouth. You also need to thoroughly and regularly clean all the tubes and funnels you use in your ice luge kit. Here are 5 more tips for keeping your luges’ sanitation standards optimal:

1.In a comical way, get mouths as far away from the luge as possible

While it is fun to have your guests crouching at the bottom of your ice luge so that drinks run through the luge and directly into their awaiting mouths, that might not be too sanitary. Instead, encourage guests to lie down underneath the luge so that their chilly beverages still run into their mouths without the mouths coming anywhere near the luge. Another idea would be to have drinkers sit on a chair that is about 5 feet below the ice luge stand. That means the luge will be a few feet above a seated adult. 

2. Ensure that the luge doesn’t melt too early

If your ice luge NYC melts too early, you will have too much mess on your hands to even give sanitation the emphasis it needs. Water running everywhere is a big fun spoiler! Of course, you cannot stop ice from melting. What you can do is to ensure that it doesn’t melt faster than normal. To do that:

Keep your luge in a climate-controlled room; in the coolest part of the room or where the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Keep away fires, stage lights, spotlight, or any other sources of intense heat. The closer the ice luge is to the air conditioning vent, the better. 

If your event has to be outdoors, you should keep your ice luge under a tree or an umbrella. Ensure that the shade is big enough to protect the luge from heat waves that could elevate the temperatures abruptly. 

Don’t allow anyone to touch the ice luge unless it is absolutely necessary. Unless your body temperature is below the room temperature, you can bet that heat from your hands will cause the luge to melt faster.

3. Get a drain tray

With a drain tray, you are guaranteed that there won’t be too much unwanted mess even if the luge melts. Drain trays are way better alternatives to tables, whether wooden, glass, or metallic. Your luge can unexpectedly slip off and fall from a table as temperatures rise, and down with it goes your sanitation precautions. It can even get damaged.  Don’t take that risk. Your luge will sit perfectly in a drain tray so it doesn’t fall off. Trays are also a big sanitation boost because they are perfectly shaped to catch water as the luge melts. 

4. Work with long luge ends

Do you prefer that guests drink right from the luge; that they place their mouths close to or on the luge while drinking? Well, ensure that your ice luge kit comes with extra-long ends that you can chip off after every guest’s turn. You only need to chip off an inch or two per drinker. The downside of this formula is that you can only keep it going for as long as there are long luge ends to chop. You need a backup plan for when the luge ends to run out.

5. Ask the guests to use glasses

Maybe not the classiest way of utilizing an ice luge NYC at your party, but it definitely is the most sanitary. Besides, dispensing cold drinks from a luge into glasses is still way cooler than using ice cubes. 

Don’t violate health codes or allow sanitation concerns to turn your signature event into just any other ordinary party. Work with reputable ice sculptors to ensure that every little sanitation detail is meticulously planned and executed. On top of delivering your ice luge kit, a reputable ice company will provide you with all the tactical assistance you need to maximize your creativity and innovation.


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