5 Secrets to Save Time and Money at Airport Parking

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When you are planning to fly out and use a personal car to and from the airport, it means you have to make decisions for car parking too. So, when you move forward for a car parking search, you will see two most common options –  one is to choose airport parking and the other is to consider private companies offering parking service. As everyone knows, airport parking has never been cheaper, especially when you are planning a long trip. Therefore, smart trip planners always look for an alternative way to save money. What are those ways? Let’s learn their secret to save over car parking; 

Choose Airport Carefully

Every airport has different parking charges and policies, so when you are planning for your air ticket booking. You must look at parking charges too. Sometimes, you save a lot on air ticket fare, but you have to pay heavily on car parking. Therefore, be careful and if there is a possibility of changing airports with less parking fees, never hesitate as smart people do. 

Book in Advance

Booking in advance also saves you from the last-minute hassle and overpaying on vehicle parking. There is another reason for prior booking that parking companies charge different fees based on peak season and peak hours. Like, when you are traveling from New York city in peak summer seasons, the prices will vary from winter off-season parking. Therefore Book parking at the Quality Inn Rochester Airport in advance, you can get parking space at a reasonable price. Moreover, it saves you from looking at parking options when your flight is about to fly. 

Use Park & Ride

Some parking companies/motels offer park and ride services. That means you can save the hassle of reaching the airport after parking. Their to and from services take you to park without bearing extra charges for full-size vans, pick-up trucks, and large SUVs. Some companies also offer insurance on parking charges, but these add an amount to parking fees. So, when you are looking for an affordable option, choose a reliable parking option that can be with or without insurance. 

Check Your Bank or Credit/Debit Card

Some of the banks offer discounts, incentives, or points to park vehicles at selected airports or at parking lots. You just have to look at your bank’s offer and see whether your selected parking areas are mentioned in that or not. It can save a big amount on parking fees. 

Check Local Motels

Some hotels near the airport also offer a parking facility in their space. If you plan to stay at the hotel a night before the flight, it will serve you two benefits. Otherwise, you can also look for parking services without accommodation booking in the motel area. Remember, booking at the motel can save you, in case you get a message for a delay or cancellation of the flight. On the brighter side, you can also get complimentary shuttle buses to airport departure terminals. 

Bottom Line

A bit of research can save you from overpaying on parking fees. Before making a booking decision, make sure you have to check hidden charges, terms and conditions, and what if the flight will be delayed or canceled. For more details, you can also read their website and get additional information. 


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