Can Ninja Blenders Grind Coffee Beans?

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Coffee grinders are the best appliances that should be a staple in your home. You get the best feeling when you take ground coffee and roast a fresh pot every morning.

However, if you are wondering how to grind your coffee beans, we have a solution for you. You should try using a ninja blender.

This article will enlighten you about the vital things that you should know concerning coffee grinding with a blender.

Can Ninja blenders grind coffee beans?

To answer this, we will explain why Ninja blenders are good for grinding and the processes that they undertake to grind. We will point out the pros and cons so that you can weigh them. Continue reading to get enlightened.

Why are they suited for grinding?

Ninja blenders are exceptional because they perform exemplary as opposed to ordinary blending. This is because it has unmatched features that improve its efficiency.

Its exemplary performance makes it worth the money and it can perform multiple tasks. Then there is no need for separate appliances. It is versatile when it comes to power. 

The answer as to whether a Ninja blender can grind coffee beans is yes. However, ensure that you pick a high-end ninja professional blender to get the best of it when used.

Steps of Grinding

Here are the steps that you should follow keenly when grinding coffee beans with a Ninja blender:

Get the Blender Ready

This is the most important part before you start grinding. Ensure you have your Ninja blender clean and dry. Readiness also means that you should set all the connections well to avoid possible accidents due to interruptions. A ready ninja blender will work efficiently and in an advanced way.  

Know the Texture

When the blender is fully prepared and is ready to start the grinding process, the next thing is evaluating the texture. 

Even though you may overlook this step thinking that you will remember when grinding, don’t assume it. It is more accurate when determined at this stage than when carrying out the grounding process. Just make sure you determine the consistency you want here. 

Pulse Grinding

At this step, experts recommend that you desist from grinding all the coffee beans at once. This is detrimental because lumps are likely to be caused and you may not get the desired consistency.

Try to add small amounts of the coffee beans and pulse grind. When you apply this technique, your coffee beans will be properly crushed. This process is what is termed ‘pulse grinding.’

In short, this technique allows you to give your ninja blender a break before you can start it again to continue the processing. The pulse grinding is simpler and has less to no tension because it has intervals that are short. It allows you to stir up your mixture during the short breaks hence you can achieve a fine consistency.

Getting Desired Fineness

The fineness you need is determined by you. Therefore, as you are on with pulse grinding, you can check whether you have attained the fineness you need. Make sure you are careful enough so that your mixture does not clump. To avoid an uneven consistency, ensure you stir gently using a dry spatula and later mix it.

Cleaning It Up

This is a very essential step after finishing all the processes. If you value your ninja blender, you should clean it up every time you are done with the grinding process. This will leave it free from rust. 

The cleaning process involves removing sections from the Ninja blender and washing them on their own. Make sure you leave the blade spotless. 

Consequently, you can opt to use dishwater to clean your Ninja blender. However, ensure you dry it completely and don’t let it stay with any moisture. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Grinding Coffee Beans with A Ninja Blender


Easy Cleaning

A Ninja blender is easy to clean as compared to other appliances. That makes it ideal for use anytime because cleaning is also easy.

Small Sized

A ninja blender is small-sized and this makes it ideal to take less storage space when not in use. In the kitchen, you can still leave it there because it is compact.

Quick Solution

You can easily grind whole beans in a ninja blender than when using coffee grinders. It’s fast and it’s easy to operate hence offers quick solutions for you.


When we compare the prices of the Ninja blenders and coffee grinders, the Ninja blender is quite cheap. Therefore, it can save you some money in the long run. It is capable of offering multiple functions both as a grinder, chopper, and blender.

Intactness of Flavors

A blender produces coffee beans that have many flavors. Unlike a coffee grinder, the Ninja blender is good at holding the flavors perfectly to maintain the aroma.


Slight Bitterness

Sometimes you may get coffee with some slight bitterness when you use a Ninja blender. Some people can question this after all.

Vulnerable Consistency

When compared to coffee grinders, a Ninja blender can’t maintain consistency each time you blend. Every user may get a varying consistency.


After this handy information about a Ninja blender, we can say that a Ninja blender can grind coffee beans. However, you should know that you must maintain the precautions we discussed above so that you have a smooth blending.

You can buy your blender anytime and enjoy blending it with the steps that we have discussed. Make sure you also take note of the maintenance procedures so that you don’t go shopping every time. With your ninja blender, you are as well having a chopper and a coffee grinder.


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