How to Use a Slow Juicer

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Sometimes buying juicers in the store is a bit expensive. That is why most juice lovers decide to make their juice at home. Another good thing about juicing on your own is that you will make sure that your juice comes from fresh veggies and fruits. 

A time will come for you to purchase your juicer and it can be a daunting task to choose one. Moreover, you should understand that there are various types of juicers in the market today. Therefore, before you buy, you need to know how to use it properly. This article will enlighten you on how to use your slow juicer. 

How Do You Use A Slow Juicer?

To understand this concept, you should know what a slow juicer is, to get the bigger picture of its working principle. Read through to understand better. 

What Is a Slow Juicer?

Commonly referred to as masticating juicer, a slow juicer like hurom juicer  is known to use a single gear to crush food particles. It also uses a double gear to enable it to crush the food particles into tiny particles before letting out the juice. The juice gets squeezed out along a screen in the slow juicer.

The slow juicer has an auger that works at a speed level of 80 to 100 RPM. It is slow when chewing the fiber of the fruits and veggies as opposed to when using centrifugal juicers. However, it is advantageous because it extracts powerful vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients in the long run. 

You are assured of getting 100% of the juice from the food particles when you are using a slow juicer. This juicer is versatile and it produces healthier juices because its design is for slow and quiet preparations. 

How to use a Slow Juicer

For you to understand the working principle of a slow juicer, you should focus on its design. At the top of the slow juicer, there is a chute. The slow juicer also features a chamber that is located between the auger and the juicer screen. This chamber is the one responsible for the grinding and crushing of the food particles to produce the juice. The slow juicer also has a pulp that protrudes out and this increases 

It works automatically, you just need to place your food particles in the chute and the auger starts spinning automatically. The spinning is what crushes your fruits and vegetables properly. The auger spins until all the contents change to a liquid. 

As it crashes, you will notice that it works slowly and that is why it is a slow juicer. After attaining the juice as the final product, it will move to the mesh filter or the strainer. At this point, you can collect your ready juice

The slow juicer produces a juice that is not heated up because it processes it at a slow rate. That is why it produces strong enzymes and nutrients because they can survive at low temperatures and are ideal for preservation. These enzymes are essential to your health as well.

The slow juicers nicely open up the contents of the food particles and that makes extraction easy. That is the reason behind the colored juice that is extracted in the slow juicer depending on the food particles you juice

It is paramount to note that other slow juicers function the same way that single gear slow juicers work. What brings out the difference is that they have a modern design. These slow juicers are ideal because they extract the juice from the contents of the food particles at the initial stage.

After getting the juice, you remove the pulp and then squeeze it when you reach the second pressing stage. It is true that at the end you are likely to get a lot of juice. Consequently, the pulp comes out very dry because a lower RPM of a slow juicer produces a lot of yields and there is less wastage. 

Benefits of Slow Juicers

The slow juicer has a lot of benefits in the juicing industry. One of the outstanding benefits is that it is capable of crushing and squeezing more juice from the food particles. This is ideal because its turning auger works slowly. It therefore produces healthier juices as opposed to when using a centrifugal juice-maker.

You will realize the slow method of juicing when you are extracting your juice from a dry pulp. Experts suggest that when using more dehydrated pulp to extract juice, the juice extractor is produced 15 to 20 percent more juice. This is beneficial to you because you extract enough juice to sustain the whole family fully.

The method of slow extraction that the slow masticator juice uses, gives no room for the juice to pick up the heat. That results in a juice that has all the required nutrients. Another advantage that you will get when using a slow juicer is that your juicer will last longer. This is because the blades rotate slowly.

Sometimes you want the luxury of enjoying your cold juice after work and maybe you don’t have time to make one. You will be happy if you have your juice that you blended the other day to quench your thirst. 


We have enlightened you on ways that you can extract your juice from a slow juicer. If you are a juicing enthusiast, ensure you know how it works so that you can get the best from it. The slow juicer is the best option when you want to get a juice that is rich in nutrients that are essential to the human body. 

When you decide to purchase a slow juicer, that is if you don’t own one, you should make the right decision. Ensure you read the manufacturer’s manual before using your slow juicer. However. The information herein is enough for you to use properly.


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