LOBOS 1707 Celebrates National Margarita Day with their take on the Margarita

Lobos 1707 Margarita

Lobos 1707 is celebrating National Margarita Day (February 22) by sharing their take on the most famous tequila cocktail. With centuries old legacy and tradition, newly launched premium spirits brand Lobos 1707 uses a unique recipe to create their tequila and mezcal expressions and is backed by LeBron James, led by CEO Dia Simms and founded by CCO Diego Osorio.

With ingredients that may already be in your fridge, the Lobos 1707 Margarita is a great recipe for budding at-home cocktail artists to celebrate the last Monday in February with a drink or three. The focal point of the cocktail the Lobos 1707 Joven, boasting a balanced body and slightly fiery balsamic tones after being finished in the brand’s historic Pedro Ximénez (PX) wine barrels. Lobos 1707 bartender Juan Arboleda puts a twist on the traditional recipe with pineapple juice and jalapeños for sweet, yet spicy flavors all in one sip. 


Lobos 1707 Margarita

2oz Lobos 1707 Joven

1oz fresh lime juice

1oz pineapple juice

1/2oz agave simple or simple syrup

2 thin slices of jalapeños

Tajin or Salt rim (optional)


Add all ingredients into a shaking glass

Add ice, cover and shake for 8-12 seconds

Pour (strain if desired) into rocks glass


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